As of March 2020, I began exposing the Covid Scamdemic. I make no distinction between Republican or Democrat perpetrators of the greatest crime against humanity. My website,, has received the praise of Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Americas Front Line Doctors, and The Museum of Truth in S. Africa. The driving force all along has been God, not Paul Adams. I can attest to that.

I also created:

My aim is twofold: update and advertise the websites, and awaken the world to their rightful duty to hold the perpetrators of this crime against humanity accountable. The Nuremberg Code is ubiquitous and serves as the touchstone of Medical Ethics, and yet, it is hardly mentioned.

In that light, I started:

The overlords and their puppets of this planet know full well that once the masses awaken to their scam, it's game over for them. That will force their hand to play their next card. Our silence in such a crucially decisive issue will be our consent in the annals of history. Tyrants emerge only when people give up their liberty as they perceive a real or imaginary threat to their lifestyle.

Now, I am not inclined to enter politics or become some kind of celebrity. I only want people to expose the facts by sharing my websites. There is nothing this world has to offer that I crave. My reward will be in the next world.

Any funding will go towards creating greater visibility of my websites by purchasing advertising and covering my travel/living expenses. Yes, I reside in a van at age 68. And thank you, I do not look to upgrade. There are many others who could benefit from a roof over their head.

I do add humor in my videos now and then: Here is an example: