Eliminating Homelessness One Tiny House at a Time

Chicago Tiny House, Inc. exists to create tiny house communities throughout Chicago that will provide homeless Chicagoans with safe and cost-effective housing and integrated supportive services.

We have been helping the homeless of Chicago for over 30 years collectively, specifically working with the Uptown Tent City over the last two years. Tent City housed an estimated population of 70 people who all lived under the bridges of Wilson and Lawrence Avenues at Lake Shore Drive. Our cause does not stop with the elimination of this community.

We are completely volunteer-powered. By bringing together concerned citizens, advocates, lawmakers, and donors, we can bring shelter, food, and supportive services to our most vulnerable neighbors, greatly reducing homelessness, while helping them move forward with dignity.

Chicago Tiny House has partnered with, and is in touch with, both sides of the housing problem. We are knowledgeable about, and actually live alongside, our target demographic. We have created a growing database of followers, developers, donors, contractors, government agencies, and laborers. We bring a unique perspective and experience to this process, we are committed Chicagoans with small-business acumen as well as having a boots-on-the-ground relationship with our local homeless population. 

Our hope is to propose, implement, and operate Chicago’s first Tiny House Community.
We can’t do it alone. We need people like you to back our proposal by donating time, skills, funds, and connections. If you believe in what we’re doing, please join us. 

We have currently partnered with the 17th ward aldermans office and selected a site to build. We have to raise $318,000 to build 5 tinyhouses as well as an outreach center on this land. We need your help to house the homeless and give them back their dignity. 

This first project will be a low income rental where the tenent will pay a nominal rent to stay while reciving surround services to help them improve their quality of life. after a 3 year progam they will graduate and either elect to rent to own or move on. Each resident will have community service hours to comply with as well as house rules and secuirty. The community will be well staffed to ensure its sucess. 

All we need now is the finacial backing. We desperately need to raise $318,000 to cover construction and labor costs to prove to the city we can complete this project. 

We are asking you to donatewith your hearts so that we can help people who currently cant help themselves. 

The image is where we intend to build. - a little about the area we are building in: 

Bronzeville Project
The historic Bronzeville district is renowned as an early-20th-century African-American business and cultural hub, with famed residents like poet Gwendolyn Brooks honored with plaques on the Bronzeville Walk of Fame. The South Side Community Art Center hosts exhibitions by local artists, and colorful murals dot neighborhood streets. A lively dining scene includes BBQ and soul food restaurants.

Chicago Tiny House has joined together with St. Sabina as well as the 17th. Ward Aldermen David Moore to develop a parcel of land catering to the areas’s homeless residents. We plan to built tiny houses that will also have surround services such as case management, financial training, employment and other life skills needed to suceed. 

To watch a current situation at Tent City please see: