CrisLes - An evangelic church for women in BCN

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Goal : ES €6,000

Raised : ES €927

Givers : 3

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This campaign was born with the aim of helping those women, both heterosexual and lesbian, as well as trans women who have felt discriminated against at some time in their spiritual growth due to the attitude of the Church, both Catholic and evangelical. Under the belief that God is love, we want to found a Church that not only welcomes all those Christians who want, but all those included in the category of "women", "lesbians", "trans" ...

Short Summary
I am a Lutheran pastor full of love to give to all those faithful believers at heart. I have experience and my goal is to develop faithfully to my principles that God is love.

This campaign is important since, in Spain, there is still a Catholic monopoly, which has left in the collective imagination old ideas of their own. Although there are more and more evangelical churches in the country, there is still an extreme disparity in both rights and duties between the two Churches. Luckily, we have the Ferede (Federation of Evangelical Religious Entities of Spain), but we still have a long way to go.

With the adequate funding, we can rent a place and found a church dedicated to the main objectives of the campaign: women, whether heterosexual, lesbian or trans, as well as those believers who follow the principle that God is love.

What We Need & What You Get
Currently we need:
a) Lease a place
b) To raise public deed of the statutes of the Church
c) Attach the Church to FEREDE
d) Convert the rented place into a place of faith, as well as a social center where to help people who need it in the area

As rewards, apart from being a help in this noble project, we will put a stone slab with the names of those people who have helped. The slab will have a header on which will put "this project has been possible thanks to ..." and will be at the entrance of the Church so that anyone can read it and know thanks to who has been possible. We will send a photo when the slab stone is finished to every backer. Of course, there will be other perks, related to our Christian Mission.

The funds go, entirely, to the creation of the Church and everything that it entails: paperwork, rent, hiring if necessary, purchase of material, financing to help people (for example, in Barcelona, there are more than 6000 people homeless and many elderly people without resources to survive looking for sustenance in the garbage)

The Impact
Your contribution will help to found the Church for the purposes mentioned above. I am sure that, if you are a Christian, you will understand that this project will not only serve to strengthen Lutheranism in Spain but that it will help many people feel part of something as big as Christianity is. In addition, it will be a starting point for cultural activities and aid to the community.

Risks & Challenges
Among the risks and obstacles of the project:
a) Increase of the extreme right in the country due to the government
b) Pre-eminence of Catholicism and problems derived from it
c) Problems derived from the country's high rate of homophobia and transphobia (although it must be recognized that it has improved a lot in recent years)
d) Other issues related with the exposed above

Other Ways You Can Help
You can help in many other ways!
Just share this campaing to extend the word
If you live in Barcelona, contact us, your time and help will be welcomed.



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