Pastors Mike and Kathy of Joy Church in Pittsfield, NH give of themselves every day to make their community a better place. They constantly give of what they have to others and rarely ask for anything in return even when they are in need. They currently are living in a home with a roof that is 28 years old and needs to replaced to withstand the New England weather conditions but do not have the funds to do so. This year through for Pastoral Appreciation month we want to come together as a community and re-roof their home and surprise them with this tangible gift of our love for them and what they do each and every day. 
This idea came when a member of the congregation contacted me with her dream to make this idea a reality. It was then through conversations with others that a plan was formulated to make this happen. The cost for the supplies for the project is approximately $3,000 which is a large sum for one person but not if we raise it together. It is my prayer that you would give towards this worthwhile cause to help two amazing pastors get the new roof they need. The project with be completed on Saturday the 19th and any bit given helps us reach our goal. 
Thanks so much!!!!