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Goal : $3,000

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Gina and I (her husband "Rainy") were celebrating our wedding anniversary on Sept 2nd when we received a phone call from the Heber Springs Humane Society about a situation in Concord.   A little old lady had the Covid, was in the hospital on a respirator, and her cats needed help!   The mayor of Concord had called and it sounded bad. 

A friend named Marshall who is visiting from California went with us to the house the next day and it was worse than we had imagined.   Much worse!   There were 20 +/- cats of various sizes and colors inside and out of the most unlivable, unsanitary home we have ever seen!  Filth, trash, feces, urine ... even a dead dog was decaying on the living room carpet.   It is an extremely unhealthy environment and this is what the cats live in.  Although many prefer the bushes and going under the house.

On top of this, we found out that day the little old lady had passed away.   She was never coming home. 

So we have spent hours each day driving to Concord, providing food and fresh water, trying to earn the kitty cats trust, and have already adopted one out.   We have also captured 2 of the cats and took them to the woman who runs the Humane Society to get them fixed.  We have another 4 kittens we have captured here on our property.

What we want to do is rescue all the cats.  Make sure all of them are fixed.  (a few already were)   It looks like there are two pregnant females.  Of course a cat full of worms might look pregnant.  It's a mess!   They need medical attention, a clean living environment, protection from predators, and the rest of their basic needs met.  

Money raised will go towards the purchase of a Purrfect fence that will surround the building out back (that's a special cat fence that they can't climb out of, has chew guards, plus it bends across the ground to help keep digging animals out)  We want plenty of room for the cats to run and play.  We'll put in a gate, possibly cross fencing, possibly another building for the pregnant cats.   Whatever we raise will go toward the cats!   Taking care of their needs until we can adopt them out to people who will be vetted because we genuinely want them to go to good homes.

We need help from people who care about animals, who don't like it when they suffer.   People who would physically help if they could, but time, energy, age, distance prevents them from assisting.  But they can write a check or put in on a bank card and help us to be a blessing to these poor cats who are in such great need.  

Donations will be to our new non-profit called Forest Felines, although we are set up in Arkansas we have not received tax-deductible status from the IRS.  (we expect to by years end).   If we can provide that for you we will when we can; however, we need funds asap.  


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