Inspired by Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense”, this book was written with a simple, yet difficult goal - To inspire the present day American to rekindle the light of liberty within our very souls. “Common Sense - For a Dying Nation” takes a deep and direct dive into the heart of the issues plaguing our politics, government, culture and spirit. Instead of seeking to diagnose and prescribe solutions for every public policy dispute, this work seeks to get to the root cause by first examining the very nature of our God-given rights, the true meaning of liberty and how we ought to live our lives. While this work is written with present day facts, the basic fundamentals it espouses are timeless and universal. In this concise read, we will be focused on rediscovering truth and an unwavering moral center that guides a free society and a good people. 

100% of your donation will go towards the publishing and distribution of Jonah Schulz’s “Common Sense - For a Dying Nation.” Jonah is a 27-year-old political activist, non-profit founder, former Congressional candidate and Patriot from Cleveland, Ohio. He believes that every individual should be free to dictate their own life and destiny while pursuing truth and virtue.