Hey there, we are raising support for two of us at Valor Media to attend the Colson Center program. 

Why are we raising funds for this purpose?

  1. Our drive with Valor is for continued education for us and those who join with us long-term. Growing in education with Biblical Worldview with an organization that is trustworthy like the Colson Center makes sense given our vision and mission in increasing Christian Worldview education. We hope this education will only further sharpen us to be able to give solid reasons for the hope that is within us through the medium of media.  
  2. Through the program, we will be developing our own Biblical Worldview curriculum which we can use as ministry learning material at Valor Media.
  3. Another advantage is networking with like-minded believers and ministries for us to develop strategic partnerships for the Kingdom which would only help our ministry flourish more. 

We would truly appreciate the investment into the educational endeavors and likewise, the investment into the ministry of Valor Media. 

As an upside, since our legal board was behind our decision to raise funds for the Colson Center program for Valor Media, you would be allowed to have a tax-write off for your invested support. 

If the total goes above the amount raised, we will use the overflow for expanding our vision and mission with goals already initiated by our team. 

In Christ's Valor, 

The Stovers &

The Team of Valor Media