My name is Cole, I just graduated Charis Bible School for business and practical ministry. I'm on a journey of learning to listen to God. I’m passionate about sharing the gospel and raising up disciples for Christ. I believe the verses in John 8:31-32, "If you continue in my word, then you are truly my disciples. And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." I want to share these truths of the word (the bible) with the guidance and love of the Holy Spirit wherever he guides me. In this case it happens to be back to Berlin, Germany. 

This will be my third trip back to Germany; my first trip was as a student with CBC. I was stretched in a way I had never even come close to experiencing before. The culture was new and the ministry was so different than anything I had ever done before. The people were open to talking, and the performances that we did on the street literally brought hundreds of people to watch. While they were engaged watching the dramas, the Holy Spirit was engaging their hearts. On the return trip home I knew I had unfinished business in Germany, but little did I know how soon I would be returning.
Third year of Bible college: this was the year I had been anticipating. Business school! Business had always been an interest of mine growing up, and I believe God used the business school to draw me to a bible school. The first month of school went by and I was enjoying it immensely. This is where I was meant to be (so I thought). I was completely focused on business, but God was preparing me to go back to Germany. I heard that still small voice in the back of my head, saying, “Apply to intern for a missions trip.” I put off the voice and didn't apply. But that voice kept on nudging me, long story short I put in my application for what I consider to be one of the  best trips Charis offers. Even though it was past the deadline, I ended up getting chosen as one of the leads for the Germany team!! The team was amazing; it really felt like we were part of the body/family of Christ working together. We definitely had some characters on the trip, but I could see God moving through each and every person in their own unique way. Literally everyone on the team was able to connect with and share the love of God with people who were diverse in both culture and language.
Germany has changed since the first time I was there. Due to the Syrian civil war and unrest through many parts of the Middle East, Europe has seen an influx of refugees.  These are people who may have heard about Jesus in the Koran but never heard the true gospel. My goal on this trip is to tell as many people as I can in Germany about the good news, as well as to stretch myself. With many Muslims and different cultures coming to America I believe it is crucial for us to be able to understand their culture and where they are coming from.  The conversations I have had with Muslims have always been positive - humanity in general all feels the need to be loved. If we as so-called Christians cannot show Christ’s love through our lives then we have a problem. 
While talking to several refugees from all corners of the Middle East, one in particular stands out. He was a political refugee. I asked many questions about how he grew up and about life in his particular country, and what it was like to experience being in an active war with the United States. The interesting thing I discovered was that he, and in fact most of the refugees I talked to, seemed to love the USA. There is something about our country - the freedom of speech, the ability to work and be compensated for a job well done, and the freedoms that we as Americans often take for granted everyday - that draws people's respect. Our country was founded on biblical principles and has been blessed as a result. I believe there is something very attractive about having God not only in your life, but also living in a country who’s roots are to serve and glorify a loving, giving and glorious God.

Please consider partnering with me on a trip to Europe. To be honest, it’s out of my comfort zone to go back this summer. I had planned on getting a job and starting a career in business. I have realized if I take that route, I will never learn to depend on the Lord fully, and that’s what I’m after.  I believe God has been equipping me to take this journey. So if you’ve ever thought about supporting missions or wondered what is going on in the Middle East/Europe I would love to talk to you. Please drop me a message! If you have any questions about the details or what we will be doing this summer also feel free to ask. 

Thank-you for your support and prayers.
Cole Riley 

Video of trip 2016