Caring for animals is incredibly rewarding, but it's tough and expensive. Many of our animals have been rescued from difficult living situations and some need extra medical care. The less we have to worry about expenses, the more animals we can help!

In December of 2020, my husband, Craig, and I rescued our first animals, two goats named Frankie and Felipe. We were going to be at least their third home, but quite possibly more. They were bored and bored goats are naughty goats! They didn't have the best living situation and were terrified of men. We definitely suspect mistreatment based on their behaviors. We were so happy to bring them home! 

After that came our two mini donkeys, Sadie and Emmie, from a breeder and would have likely been turned into breeding machines. At first, Emmie would not come near us. She was terrified, sad, and wanted nothing to do with us. It took some time, but over the next few months, she opened up and learned to trust us. Now, Emmie is just a friendly and cuddly as her sister!

The donkeys were followed by three lady alpacas, Annie, Snow, and Roxie, 2 Kune Kune pig brothers, Wally and Winston, and 3 baby girl goats, Elsie, Rosie, and Dixie. Unfortunately, we lost Annie over the summer. It was tragic and heartbreaking, but her death lead to one of the greatest miracles at Full Bloom Acres so far.

We knew we needed to find another alpaca since alpacas like to be in herds of at least 3 of their kind. The search led us to a male and female alpaca. Knowing that boys and girls cannot live together, we packed up the trailer and headed to pick up Ethel. Freddy would have to stay and wait for another home since we were not set up for a male herd. We knew Ethel had some health issues, including a nasty case of mites (which turned out to be a zinc deficiency from malnutrition). We were also told she may be pregnant. The owner wanted to find them both new homes because they were not "friendly". Well, alpacas are not friendly. They don't like people and won't let you hug them. That's just how they are. And we love them for that. 

When we met Ethel and saw the horrible living conditions of her and her buddy, Freddy, we knew we had to take him home too. We couldn't leave him knowing how he would live out his life, with no access to grass or adequate food. We spent the drive home coming up with a plan.

Freddy and Ethel settled right in! We gave them some time to get used to their surroundings and to eat regularly before we separated them. Ethel would go with the lady alpaca herd and we brought home two more boys, Jerry and Benny, from a wonderful home, to be with Freddy. They didn't like it, but it's what had to be done for Ethel's safety.

Luckily we made that tough decision when we did. About 6 weeks later, out popped Baby Brandy! Ironically, the vet was scheduled to come out the next day to perform an ultrasound to see if she was pregnant. No need for that ultrasound! 🤣

It breaks my heart to think about what would have happened if we did not bring Ethel and Freddy home that day. It puts losing Annie into perspective. If we would not have lost her, we would not have found Ethel and Freddy, and then Brandy! The circle of life is truly amazing!

Hopefully, this is just the beginning of many lives we can save!

The funds raised during this event will be used to cover the increasing expenses of our animals including things like medications, vet bills and medical treatments, feed, bedding, barn and fence repairs, fuel needed to pick up new herd members, and other various supplies and expenses to keep everyone safe, healthy, and happy.

Thank you for your support!