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Carrie Wright Nashville, TN Follow

$3,450 of $9,500

36 % Complete 18 donation(s)

Thank you so much for checking out my page! I'm really excited to step into this next season of my life and share it with you all.

September 21
- $3150 (Tuition) REACHED
September 23 - $3,000 (October/Nov Expenses, travel)
November 15  - $1700 (first half of travel/emergency fund)
December 1 - $1,175 (recurring each month until May)
December 15 - $1500 (Tuition)
January 15 - $1700 (second half of travel/emergency fund)

What am I doing?

As some of you know, I went to California this summer to complete a program called 21 Project through the Circuit Riders movement. It was 21 days of intensive training in different spheres of society and creativity, and totally transformed the way that I look at my future career, my desire to reach women and my heart for the entertainment industry. While I was there, God made it clear that he wanted me to continue my training with the organization through their 7-month school from October to April. The first part of the school takes place out in Huntington Beach, California where we will be both training and doing outreach in the city of Los Angeles and the greater Orange County area. The second part of the school sends us out on a tour called Carry The Love where we reach all regions of America and bring revival and community to college campuses through prayer, worship and equipping campus leaders. The heart behind Circuit Riders is to catalyze young people on college campuses to be leaders in their generation for Jesus.

Why am I doing it?

My heart for my future is to be an equipper and encourager to young people, and I absolutely fell in love with the Circuit Rider mission because of their similar vision. I think that college campuses are areas of crazy potential to impact all spheres of modern culture and I'd love the chance to learn from these world changers! God has specifically called me to impact young people in the entertainment industry, but I know spending this time working with college students will be a great preparation season for what I will face in my relationships with young entertainers. Last year, Carry the Love impacted over 200 college campuses and we are praying to reach even more schools in Spring of 2019. I can't wait to be a part of it. 

How you can help!

I would be honored and grateful if you could partner with me in one of three ways: 

1. Prayer

The biggest thing that I am in need of in this season is PRAYER. This school and this ministry is an answer to prayer in so many ways for me, and I would love to continue to partner in prayer with friends and family for this school and our impact all across America to be felt. If you go to or know anyone who goes to a college campus--chances are we are probably going to be there! So I would love it if you could pray for that school specifically and our ability to love them as best we can. I also am asking for prayer regarding raising this money. I am 100% confident that God will make a way for me to be with Circuit Riders this year, but I know we need to pray for that to happen!

  • Please click the PRAY NOW button to the right if you'd like to partner with me in prayer! I'd be happy to send more specifics on things I need covered in prayer regarding finances and obedience. I also want to keep you updated with all that is happening, and would love to let you know if your college/the college of a loved one is one of our stops next year. You can also contact me through any of my socials!

2. One-time donations

Because I'll be dedicating my full time over the next 7 months to this program, I am in need of financial support to live and serve. I am in need of one-time donations to cover overall program costs, so any amount of money you feel led to give helps immensely!

Breakdown of expenses and due dates:

  • $650 deposit

  • $2500 due on September 21st

  • $1500 due on December 15th

TOTAL program fee: $4650 (covers housing and the cost of the school)

  • Miscellaneous expenses (emergency fund, transition rent in May-June 2019, flights/holiday travel): $3,300

3. Monthly partners
I am also in need of monthly financial partners while I am doing full-time ministry with the organization and for a short period of time after while I am in transition. Monthly support would help cover the cost of living expenses, bills, and emergencies. Any amount you would be able to donate monthly would be an immense help! 

Here is a rough estimate of my expenses month to month:

  • $650 for living expenses (food, gas, miscellaneous)

  • $525 for bills (health insurance, phone bill, etc.)

  • TOTAL per month needed (Oct 2018 - May 2019): $1,175

  • Additional expenses added Jan-May of 2019: $1,375

  • GRAND TOTAL of all monthly expenses: $10,775

**I would be more than happy to talk to any individual considering being a monthly partner about my finances more in-depth! This is just an idea for informational purposes. Please contact me for more information!**

My total on this website is a reflection of all expenses listed above. Donating through this website is super easy and you can choose to either donate monthly or one-time. Just click the GIVE NOW button to the right and follow the prompts!

4. Spreading the word
I would also greatly appreciate it if you could spread the word to any friends or family you think might be interested in donating! Our Carry The Love tour is most likely going to a college campus near you, and donating to the project would directly impact those schools. You can either directly share this campaign by clicking the SHARE NOW button to the right, or let me know if you need any more information to pass along. Also check my socials for more things to share!

I love you guys so much and am so appreciative of you checking out what's going on in my life this year! Please let me know if you have any other questions and thank you again for your continued support. 


More info about the Circuit Rider Movement:

The Circuit Riders were a peculiar group. They existed during late 1700s and their sole purpose was to see every soul, home and city reached for the gospel of Jesus. Their leader John Wesley coined the famous phrase, “if you give me 100 men that fear God and hate sin with those alone I will change the world.” He got 300 men and from that point on they changed the face of Christianity in England and the frontiers of America. Francis Asbury took on the daunting task of re-evangelizing forgotten America. When he arrived there were only a few hundred people still faithful and 4 preachers. By the time he died he rode over 270,000 miles on horseback and saw the movement grow to over 200,000 strong and personally raised up 4,000 preachers of the gospel of Jesus. The west had been won. We believe that we are in a similar time that Jesus is raising up men and women who are willing to go to any lengths to reach even one soul.

The Student Volunteer Movement is another example of a peculiar group. The Mount Hermon 100 were the linchpin to seeing this movement erupt across America and into the nations. During a training time with D. L. Moody the students got gripped with faith. They coined the phrase, “the evangelization of the world in one generation!” A student stood up in the midst and called out for volunteers to arise and take on the daunting task of reaching every nation, every people group and every person with the gospel of Jesus. From that catalytic moment 100 students said yes to lay aside every desire, career or dream to reach the lost. Looking back we know that this student movement is responsible for sending over 25,000 long term missionaries to the nations. Two men took up the task to tour the Northeastern campuses going to any lengths to sign up students to reach their campuses first and the nations.

These two movements were centered on the passion to reach any person with the love of Jesus.

Matthew Johnson

2018-09-20 22:58:24

Go Go Go !

Rebekah Sullivan

2018-08-29 00:37:31

I’m so proud of you and happy for you, you’re a fire carrier!!!

Jessica Hadik

2018-08-24 16:46:05


Update #2: Staying in Nashville
September 26, 2018, 3:59 pm

Hi everyone!

I wanted to post an update on this fundraiser because quite a bit has changed in the last week or so. I have had lots of conversations with mentors, prayed and fasted, and it was looking like God was asking me to stay in Nashville for this next year. I waited to see what happened with my fundraising deadlines, and I was unable to raise enough money to both pay for my program cost and meet my monthly living expenses even just for the next couple of months. I know God is 100% able to raise any amount of money, because all of the money in the world belongs to him! So this was just a confirmation to me that California is not where He had me for this next year. I do believe that He made me a promise this Summer, though, about this organization and partnering with them in the future, so I am excited to see that come to fruition either next year or at some other point in my life! I believe that God will continue to give me clarity on my next steps both throughout this year and into the next several years. I asked God for overwhelming peace about this decision, and I am blessed to have that. I love Nashville, my community here, and all that it has to offer!! There are some amazing things that God is preparing me to be a part of.

I am reaching out to everyone who has donated individually with some more details, so you will hear from me soon! In the mean time, I am in need of major prayer support!! Because I was planning on going to California, I had not been job searching here in Nashville. My position with Chick-fil-A just ended last week, so I am currently jobless. In order for me to meet my living expenses, bills, and student loan payments, I will need to find a full-time job quite quickly. Any prayers or help in this area would be so so apprecaited! I know that God's got me, so I'm excited to see what he does. Prayers for a job, financial peace, and establishing a good routine as I fully enter into post-grad life are what I need the most.

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for your support and for partnering with God and I in all of this! I am blessed to have such amazing people in my life. I love you all.

Update #1: FIRST GOAL of $3150!
August 29, 2018, 1:02 pm

Hi Guys!

Just an update: I am needing to raise the first $3150 by September 21st!! The total reflected on this website is the total needed for all 8 months, but $3150 is the first part of that! Thank you guys for your continued support and I can't wait to see what God does!

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Campaign Creator Avatar
Campaign Created by:
Carrie Wright Nashville, TN Follow

$3,450 of $9,500

36 % Complete 18 donation(s)

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I’m so proud of you and happy for you, you’re a fire carrier!!!


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