Help us create South Carolina’s premier family-friendly getaway!

We need your help to make Camp Olive a reality!

This nature resort located just 30 minutes from Columbia is the perfect place for retreats, staycations, and our signature summer camps.

It will support the community, bring people together, and provide fulfilling local careers.

Donate and make Camp Olive a reality!

Picture this…

You wake up and stretch, feeling well-rested and excited for the day ahead.

Outside the window, the morning sun sparkles on the lake.

You’re more relaxed than you’ve been in ages. It’s like the weight and pressure of ‘regular life’ has finally lifted.

You’re looking forward to the day ahead full of fun activities…

Kayaking on the lake, crafting with the kids, enjoying a cold one in front of the crackling fire.

You catch your partner’s eye and you both smile, feeling at ease, connected and content. 

This is the magic of Camp Olive. 

With your help, this will become the premier year-round ‘summer camp’ and retreat experience - for both adults and children!

Become a founding partner!

Get away from it all, while being close to home 

Located just 30 minutes outside of Columbia, South Carolina, it’s easy to feel like you’re a million miles away in nature - and it’s faster to get there than it is to shop for groceries.

Whether it’s a yoga retreat, corporate event, or family getaway - Camp Olive is the ideal location.

Grab a canoe and go for a paddle on the private lake.

Perfect your s’more around the campfire.

Sit back in the Adirondack chair and listen to birds chirping.

However you like to slow down, Camp Olive has what you need.

The Vision

With your help, Camp Olive will become the premier destination in South Carolina for luxurious, sustainable staycations and retreats.

We’ve got big plans and a long-term roadmap of how the camp will develop and grow. It will also be profitable shortly after opening by providing retreats and getaways that this area needs!

Even our real estate agent said, “I’m donating because I want to go to a yoga retreat. It’s something we NEED around here!”

Here is what Camp Olive will offer within just months of opening its doors:


We can start hosting small retreats as soon as Camp Olive is up and running! Ideal for:

• Yoga retreats

• Health & wellness retreats

• Corporate retreats


Have a private ‘staycation’ with friends and family by staying at Camp Olive!

The secluded and private property is in a high-demand vacation area located between Columbia and Myrtle Beach.

Day Camps

Kids and adults alike can join our fun and activity-packed day camps!

Make crafts, hit the lake, and see how to do fun, sustainable activities like growing your own food!

You can be part of all this by donating to the Camp Olive startup fund!

Become a founding partner!

Help make this resort destination a reality!

The best parts of summer camp, with a modern twist

What if you could experience the carefree days of summer - any day of the year?

Create memories that matter, instead of watching your kids glued to the screen?

As Camp Olive grows, we will expand into weeklong ‘summer camps’ where the entire family is happy!

Listen, we have 3 kids. The biggest struggle for us parents is hearing our kids say, “I’m bored” or “I don’t know what to do”.

You won’t hear that here!

Camp Olive will have activities for adults, activities for kids, and activities you can all do together.

You can kick back, have coffee and chill by the lake knowing that the kids are having the time of their lives.

(Or take a trip on the zipline, paddle out to the private dock in the middle of the lake, or get tacos from the food truck. Whatever works for you!)

Create a lifetime of memories!

The Roadmap

See how Camp Olive will continue to get better and better!

We’ve outlined 3 phases of growth as it becomes ‘the’ place to be. Here’s a quick glimpse of what we’ve got planned…

Phase 1

In this phase, the camp becomes profitable and starts building capital for growth!

The camp will host retreats, getaways, day camps, and workshops.

12-14 people can easily be accommodated in the main house, and additional people can stay by camping on the property.

Phase 2

Want to stay in a luxurious-yet-sustainable cabin? This is for you!

We start building out the infrastructure (cabins, bathhouse, mess hall, trails, roads, and amphitheater) to accommodate more people and longer stays.

Once the cabins are built we will start offering weeklong summer camps for both adults and children!

The property will also be available to rent for private events like weddings. 

The first over night camps are slated to begin summer 2024.

Phase 3

The long-term goal is to acquire the neighboring property and build a full-scale recreation center.

Staying active is a key component of health, and the recreation center will provide sports facilities and training to make it fun!

It will have spaces for courses, workshops, meetings and other activities.

The camp will provide outreach programs and scholarships to give back and enrich the local community!

We have a rock-solid plan in place, but we need your help to make this possible!

Become a founding partner!

We start Phase 1 as soon as the project is funded!

Our story

Hey there! I’m Serena Sutterfield. My husband Josh and I are the driving force and soul behind Camp Olive.

As parents of 3 wonderful children, we know how important it is to have a place in nature where we can connect and create wonderful memories.

And as a former summer camp counselor, I’ve seen first-hand how magical and transformative it can be - and how much I miss it as an adult!

This isn’t our first encounter with this property…

Camp Olive has been in the works for a long time. 

During the summer of 2021, Josh stumbled across this sprawling 36-acre property. 

We were shown the cabin and the land, we were sold. We went home and started planning out our campgrounds and securing funding (including a construction loan because the cabin was not fit, albeit beautiful, for our large family). 

We got the preapproval underway and our agent called to inform us that someone had come in over the weekend with an offer that was accepted before we had our chance. 

We cannot let this happen again. Camp Olive will become a reality. 

Why Camp “Olive?” 

It’s a part of our vision that this is a family enterprise. 

The children all want to be involved in the operations of the camp and other family members have offered their skills to help in the day-to-day management. 

For example, my brother Maxx and his husband Aaron will run the mess hall, they both cook. We will build them their kitchen and dining room, we will build for them, their apartment above it all. 

Our son, Ethan, 12 at the time suggested “Camp Olive” since “it is for ALL OF us!” 

Yes, yes it is bud. Camp Olive is for all of us. 

See Camp Olive the way we do…


One of our biggest dreams for Camp Olive is to provide a place where local residents can come and hang out with their families for the day. 

A place where memories can be made without breaking the bank, a place to go for respite. 

It’s the place to soak up the sun, enjoy the beach, take a paddle board yoga class, kayak to the middle of the lake, or go fishing.

Take a peaceful stroll around the private lake and enjoy nature.


Camp Olive will be home to summer day camps. We will offer drop-off or pick-up services so children can spend the day doing enriching activities and building and fostering skills and talents. The camp will provide scholarships to low-income families so everyone can be included.

It will also host summer camp for adults! A week-long escape into the woods - leaving behind technology, stresses, and worries. Bring the kids, they’ll spend the week on the other side of camp with counselors of their own. Everyone gets to relax, adventure, and build memories!

Whether you want to stay in a luxurious cabin or pitch a tent, the property can accommodate your camp dreams.


Camp Olive will have an amphitheater area for live music, food trucks, vendor events, campfires, and so much more. It is ideal for summer cookouts, winter bonfires, and other community events year-round!

It will host weddings, family reunions, and other celebrations.

We will also hold retreats and workshops of all kinds - focusing on family, communication, connection, spirituality, and more.


Camp Olive will have the area’s most prominent club pool with lifeguards, a mess hall, ample covered seating, chair, pool toys, slides, and a splash pad area for the younger kids. 

This is what our community needs

Why should you invest in Camp Olive?

Camp Olive is being built with people in mind. It will improve the quality of life of people who are visiting, and people who live nearby.

It will provide much-needed jobs and training for residents. 

We will provide enrichment opportunities for low-income families including scholarships for summer camp and mentorship programs. 

Camp Olive provides a reprieve from South Carolina’s unbearable summer heat (which lasts for 8 months out of the year!). 

This is the place where families feel safe, taken care of, and know they simply need to show up and they’ll have an incredible time making lifelong memories.

It’s a place for people to experience and connect with nature. 

The retreats are designed to create community, teach effective communication, and foster the strength of families and individuals alike! 

As an investor in Camp Olive, you aren’t only investing in a new site for campgrounds, you are investing in the futures of so many people that will pass through the front gates.