Hello! My name is Chloe Le. Thank you for taking the time to read my story. 

I've been a professional hairstylist for over 15 years, and I've tended to my nearest and dearest clients and friends. 

Unfortunately, my career was severely negatively impacted by the pandemic lockdown the last few years. Salons were impacted hard, with many failing to survive and having to close their doors. So, because I was unemployed for a couple of years, I struggled to pay my bills and meet my other obligations. In addition, out of nowhere, I lost two very important people in my life: my grandfather and my best friend. I developed anxiety, became depressed, started feeling physically ill, and had a nervous breakdown. I knew I needed healing to make it through, I just wasn’t sure where that healing would come from.

One day, two of my close friends invited me to go camping with them at Joshua Tree National Park in an RV they had rented. It’s hard to describe the effect that getting away from the “concrete jungle” and into the beauty of nature had on me. It was life changing. I discovered that being out in nature gave me peace, time to reflect, to be mindful and present. It provided me with needed solace. Even though my financial circumstances remained the same, being there gave me tranquility and clarity. I found nature's outdoor beauty key to my mental wellness and healing.

While I was out there camping I had an epiphany. Instead of limiting myself and becoming trapped by future unforeseen events, I could purchase a camper and use it as a mobile salon. It would enable me to travel to the client's location and provide haircuts at their convenience. It would also provide my clients with the option of meeting somewhere such as a park or a beach. A place away from the hectic pace of the city and into the calmness that nature provides so they could enjoy the beauty and recharge from work while receiving a haircut.

In our constantly changing world and with the stressors of life, we all need an escape sometimes. For me, the escape I needed was to get back to nature, and I’d love to provide a way for that to those that also need it. Which brings up another use for the camper when I’m not using it for work. I would rent out the camper to share the therapeutic outdoor experience with others, especially those who don't have a lot of time due to the busyness of life. The camper is lightweight and easy to travel with, providing a relaxing weekend trip without the hassles of driving an RV. 

It was a difficult decision to create this page and publish it. However, I'm still short on funds and need assistance paying down the rest of the balance on the camper. Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I am so appreciative of any amount you can donate to help me fulfill my vision, to have a place to work, and to have financial relief. 

Also accepting donation on Venmo @Chlo3