Crowdfunding an Epic Irish History Textbook

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Goal: USD $5,200
Raised: USD $ 4,522

Over my years as a Catholic history author, I have frequently been asked by parents to write history textbooks for specific countries. Unfortunately, major publishers are seldom interested in funding such regionally-specific projects. I am certain, nevertheless, that interest for such books exists, albeit maybe in a more niche market. So, I am turning to you to help me fund the creation of a history textbook on Ireland.

Why Ireland? The real question is why not Ireland. Perhaps no people ever adopted the faith as zealously as the Irish. It was Irish missionaries who Christianized much of Europe during the early Middle Ages. It was Irish scribes who passed on so much of the writings of antiquity in their monastic scriptoria. During the colonial period, the Irish priest became a staple of Catholic life in all English-speaking lands. The contributions of the sons and daughters of Eire to the Church and to western civilization is incalculable. All Catholics should know this history! Furthermore, homeschooling is growing in Ireland, with the right to home educate enshrined in the Irish constitution. This book may be of great use to homeschoolers within Ireland itself. 

Here's what I envision. This book will:

  • Be suited for 6-9th grade, depending on reading level.
  • Cover the entire history of Ireland from prehistoric times to today.
  • Have 33 chapters, plus an introduction and conclusion.
  • Be illustrated with original illustrations.
  • Contain historical fiction vignettes in the style of my Story of Civilization books.
  • Include a student workbook and answer key for assignments.
  • Cover the history, religion, and culture of Ireland.
  • Give full consideration to the influence of the Catholic faith and richness of Irish-Catholic culture.
  • Highlight the lives and work of the many eminent Catholic saints of Ireland.

The fundraising goal includes costs for writing time, cover designs, and illustrations. I will write ONE chapter every time the campaign raises $136. So, Chapter 1 will be written when we raise $136, Chapter 2 at $272, Chapter 3 at $408, etc. Money raised in excess of the goal will be put towards the creation of an audio drama of the textbook.

I hope you will consider supporting this project. Your fundraising will help me devote the time for research and writing a book like this requires. But I wouldn't ask you to give for nothing! Giving makes you part of the project, too! Here's what you can get for your contributions:

  • $0 + = My gratitude, and a shout out on my Facebook page, and your name mentioned on a special thank you page at the end of the book
  • $50+ = Your name on the thank you page, plus a free signed copy of the book.
  • $100+ = Your name on the acknowledgements page at the front of the book, plus a free signed copy.
  • $200+ = Mention on the acknowledgements page at the front of the book, plus a free, signed copy of the book, as well as the work book and answer key.
  • $500+ = Mention on the acknowledgements page, plus I will write you or a family member into the story by naming some characters in the historical vignettes after you, plus two signed copies with workbooks and answer keys.
  • $1000+ = Bro, for $1K, I'll dedicate the book to you, plus write you or a family member into the story, plus five signed copies with workbooks and answer keys. Also gratitude. Mucho gratitude.

    If you want to get a shout out or mention, make sure to not give anonymously so I know who you are! If you choose to give anonymously, of course, you get treasure in heaven!

    Blessings and grace!


Some fantastic news!
August 31, 2023
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Peace friends! I am thrilled to say that as of last week, due a generous donor, the text is 100% funded. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity! I am so looking forward to delivering this resource to you when it is complete.

I am up to Chapter 21 out of 35, finishing about a chapter and a half per week. If I can keep up this pace, I may have it done by Thanksgiving! Right now I am writing about Oliver Cromwell's destructive campaigns of conquest in Ireland between 1649 and 1653, a truly dark time in Ireland's history!

When I started this project, I mentioned that any funds raised over the campaign goal would go towards the creation of an audio book version of the book. I have accordingly adjusted the goal slightly upward to $5,200; any funds raised from here on out will go towards the audio drama, so there's are still opportunities to give!

Finally, I have hired well-known Catholic artists Christ Lewis of Baritus Catholic Illustration to illustrate the book. Check out this lovely picture he did of St. Patrick handing a bell to St. Ciaran. Patrick met Ciaran in Rome and told him he would come visit him one day, and that at that time the bell would ring of its own accord : )

Blessings and grace!

St. Brendan the Navigator!
March 15, 2023
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You've likely heard of the legendary voyage of St. Brendan across the Atlantic, but did you know about the details of Brendan's life beyond his voyage?

Behind all the legend, St. Brendan was a real person. He lived from 484 to 577. Raised under the tutelage of a holy anchoress named St. Ita, he discerned religious life early and was ordained a priest by the bishop St. Erc of Slane, a converted Druid who had been both a disciple of St. Patrick and a friend of St. Brigid. He founded a monastery at Ardfert near where he grew up. After his famous voyage—which is likely based on a real journey even if it has been embellished—he returned to found monasteries in Connacht and Munster, traveled to Wales, and died in sanctity in County Galway.

This information is from Chapter 10 in the book. I'm very excited to be so far in and hope to make considerable progress in the next few months. Thank you for your support and continued prayers. 

St. Patrick on Cruachan-Aighle
September 20, 2022
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Hello friends! I have just wrapped up writing Chapter 5 on St. Patrick. Have you ever heard the legend of St. Patrick's Purgatory? Here's the story, from the end of Chapter 5, "The Mission of St. Patrick":

Perhaps his we can best appreciate his legacy by considering the story of Patrick’s Lent on the mountain of Cruachan-Aighle near Lough Derg in the spring of 441. There Patrick wept for the sins of men and begged of God a gift of a certain number of souls to be won back from the powers of darkness.
So intense were the prayers of Patrick on Cruachan-Aighle that afterwards “no demon came after this into Erin for the space of seven years, and seven months, and seven days, and seven nights.”

Moved by the love of St. Patrick’s petition, God sent an angel to negotiate his demands, reminiscent of the Lord’s negotiations with Abraham over the people of Sodom and Gomorrah in the Book of Genesis. We need not recount all the back and forth between Patrick and the angel; it suffices to say that St. Patrick’s prayers won considerable graces from God for himself and the Irish people. This included the salvation of a vast number of people, and the promise that “the great sea will come over Erin seven years before the judgment,” so that Ireland would be spared having to endure the suffering of the end times. Most extravagantly, Patrick was granted that he himself would be the judge of the Irish on the last day. Ireland thus became the only land to be promised its own dedicated judge on the day of judgment.

At least so it is told in ninth century Tripartite Life of St. Patrick, a collection of high medieval traditions about the saint. The place of Patrick’s encounter with God became known as Croagh Patrick, or more commonly, “St. Patrick’s Purgatory.” Today, thousands of pilgrims every year travel to Croagh Patrick to walk up the mountain barefoot in memory of Patrick’s labor for souls upon its barren summit. It is Ireland’s most popular pilgrim destination.

Good stuff, I know! Thank you kindly for your donations! If you'd like to continue to help with this project, please share the project page or consider making another donation down the line. I am approximately half way funded! We are making excellent progress so far!




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