Conference series should reference themselves

I attended the Affiliate Summit for the fourth time now. I am also a loyal visitor to other conferences, such as the Affiliate-Tactixx, the a4uexpo or the SEO-Campixx, A sticking point at actually all conferences is that topics repeat themselves. Not only in the annual cycle, but also during the same conference. For example, the sessions 'Advanced ROI Driven Internet Marketing Strategies' and 'Making Affiliate Marketing a Career' at this year's Summit. In the end, the two lectures shot at the same goal: increasing the conversion rate. In terms of content, the lectures were very similar and could be heard at other conferences one way or another. Of course you always take new ideas and / or suggestions between the lines. For taking only 10-15% of new things with you, you would have better attended another session with more potential for your own further training if you'd use call recorder free. It is of course almost impossible for the organizer.

My idea would be to build sessions on each other at repeating conferences. If, for example, you offer the 'Test-driven conversion optimization' session in a year, this topic should be taken up again in the following conference, but not repeated 1:1. After a brief summary of the previous year's session, one could shed light on what has changed in the methods mentioned at the time, what was particularly worthwhile and what was not. You could also interact with participants in the first session and combine the session with a workshop. If the participants contribute their own practical experience and thus also contribute new ideas and topics for discussion, this can quickly turn into a very interesting and informative discussion. But here, too, it would be great if the workshop moderators took up the topics of their previous workshops and talked about the corresponding development. Of course, this has to be designed in such a way that even newcomers can easily get started - a small challenge with great added value, I think.

In short, I believe that regular series of conferences need a common thread in the individual topics. So it will be much more interesting for more experienced visitors to buy the ticket for the following conference. You would know what to expect and would not buy the 'conference in a poke'. This is a bit exaggerated, but I personally feel the same way. Topics are often not very meaningful or miss the content. It is not necessarily recognizable that in the end the topic XYZ is chewed through again.

Priceless and always the big PLUS: networking!

The personal contact with friends, colleagues and partners is the real reason for me to take part in various conferences and events. There is nothing like a private and business chat over a freshly tapped beer. Personal meetings in a relaxed atmosphere create a wonderful business basis for long-term cooperation or just a quick deal. You can approach people with whom you had a good time, with whom you regularly seek conversation and exchange ideas, with ideas, inquiries, suggestions and requests. Personal, practical experience with topics raised in the workshops can also be discussed in detail and without a strict timetable. Knowledge bubbles here and alcohol is known to loosen things up. Industry conferences and events are the best way to do this. Where and when else do competencies come together in such a bundle?

Conclusion - is it worth taking part in conferences and other events?

Yes, definitely and definitely! If you don't have to be happy with the conference program, there are always small groups between the sessions, lectures and workshops that exchange and inspire each other intensively. The best ideas develop in a creative exchange or in the shower while continuously sprinkling with hot water.