In lieu of donating, which is wonderful, I kindly ask that you buy one of the books Carolyn has written. Doing so will help her through some very difficult financial problems. She is a terrific writer, with books like "MIGHTY: vision for the supernatural normal Christian life" and "Walking In His Way: aligning with the God of the universe". Both are found on Amazon. She has other books there as well. Search for Carolyn Wing Greenlee or go to her Author Page on Amazon.

I can't say enough wonderful things about Carolyn. She has been my friend for over 30 years. She helped me find my way back to Christ. Without her help, I would have died. Carolyn helps everyone she knows. She's the one others turn to when they need guidance, comfort, and support, and she's always there giving her time, loving them, and, most importantly, pointing them to Jesus. 

Carolyn receives her social security payments each month, but that doesn’t come close to covering the cost of her monthly bills, which are limited to basic living expenses—utilities, food, house insurance, etc. Nothing at all extravagant or wasteful. 

She has sold personal possessions and clothes in order to try to make ends meet, but has been overwhelmed. She used to supplement her income by treating clients with electro-acupuncture and other energetic modalities. At 75 years old, she has over 50 years experience in doing that. But the pandemic ended all that. With 40% of her lung capacity lost due to Scleroderma, it's too risky for her to treat clients in person. She now helps other authors bring their books to print, but she has lost 98 percent of her eyesight to Retinitus Pigmentosa (RP), so that makes editing and other work extremely difficult, even with access technology. 

Unfortunately, it's not an uncommon story—without being able to do the work to supplement her income, credit card bills grew until the minimum payments could no longer be met. She did make  arrangements with one credit card company and pays them monthly, but she couldn't afford to do that with the other companies, so now two of them (so far) are suing her. Carolyn is not running from this. I did some research and we have answered the legal complaints "pro se" and did all the correct legal things to get it to court so she wouldn't just automatically lose. The court now needs to set the dates for the hearings, which thankfully can be done by video over the internet.

Please, go to Amazon, have a look at Carolyn Wing Greenlee's books, especially the two I mentioned, and if one or more of them appeal to you, please purchase them. It would really help her, and you would get something helpful in return.

Because so many people are hurting and in much worse situations than she is, she feels uncomfortable with people donating. It's not pride on her part, it's compassion.

Thank you for reading all of this. God bless you and keep you safe.