Hi! My name is Jeremiah, the creator and owner of Charmakards LLC and Charmakards: Biblical Trading Card Game. 
This fundraiser is a great way to gear up for the holiday season, and a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get your own First Edition Holographic/Foil cards! 
I couldn't quite afford to do this with the first print run of cards, so this will be a huge milestone and great help for the business and ministry of Charmakards. These prices are based on how just the cards will cost, plus shipping, and the cost to host events, where more Holo/foil cards can be won in Tournaments!
Thank you for all of those who have supported me thus far and really helped make Charmakards happen! 
below are the available tiers
$10 : Entry level
$20 : You get any card you want as a Holo/foil
$30 : 1 Professional Playmat
$50 : 3 Holo cards
$70 : 3 Holo cards and 1 Professional Mat
$100 : 5 Holo cards and 1 Professional Mat
*there will be no duplicate cards so it's first come first serve!