90% of all homeless and runaway children are from fatherless homes-32 times the average.

Chicago Public Schools reported 17,984 homeless students during the 2017/2018 school year. 

48,000 children along with their parents are homeless in Chicago according to the CCH. 

The Chicago Dream Center launched a Teen Home back in 2009. We have served many youth throughout the years. We are so blessed to be part of a crucial time in their life. 

For many years our program served girls only, but that recently changed as we saw the need for boys in our community. Our home is now full of boys. 

The beauty of it is that we have a building to build our boys home, but it needs a lot of work. A wonderful architect named Jonathan Splitt and his team (thank you Mark and Ryan!) worked so hard on our blueprints and they are finally complete! 

We are raising money for the construction of our boys home. The building needs a lot of work. 

Help us to reach our goal and get this project completed this year. The 5 boys that currently live with us cannot wait to have their own space and home! 

Nothing is impossible for our God! 

Watch this video of one of our boys, Alex, who speaks about how the teen home has impacted his life. 

Your donation is tax deductible. Every penny counts!