Crowdfunding and Prayer

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Three Reasons to Pray

Prayer is a vital part of Christian crowdfunding. Perhaps you now have a shiny new campaign in full swing. You reached out to family, friends, co-workers and more. You also made sure to include a quality photo or video along with just the right words. Or perhaps you're about to give to a campaign or head across land and sea to advance God's kingdom.
There's one thing you may have forgotten, though. That one thing is prayer. Human nature sometimes focusses on the "tangible" at the expense of more important things. So, as you give, send and go, don't forget to pray. Here are three reasons to do just that.

Reminder of Who Ultimately Provides
We often put so much pressure on ourselves to provide that we're tempted to forget Who the real provider is.  As a giver, you may fear you won't have enough money if you give to a cause that matters to you. Prayer will help you trust in your ultimate Provider. This could safeguard you from missing an opportunity you may otherwise have passed up. If you have an active campaign, through prayer, you'll be reminded that it's up to God to accomplish your campaign results once you've done all you could reasonably do. Being reminded that God is the one who provides will take the pressure off if you decide you can't give as much as you want as well. It will also help those with a campaign to rest in the thought that God will provide what they need. If you're about to head far from home to make a difference you likely have many cares. You're doing your best not to worry about safety, your health and the desire to do all you can. Prayer about all these concerns will give you renewed confidence that God will take care of you while you take care of others.

Prayer Changes Attitudes
Prayer for crowdfunding-related causes will change your viewpoints and attitudes. Sincerely pray for a difficult co-worker--as hard as that is--and your attitude towards them will begin to shift. You'll see them as someone who’s broken like yourself. Someone with hurts and needs like yourself. Someone who desperately needs God to fill the void in their lives, that only He can satisfy, just like yourself. The same will happen when you start to pray in the scope of Christian crowdfunding. You'll find the temptation towards indifference replaced with a sincere concern to make an impact that will last. You'll find compassion for others you didn't previously have.

Because God Answers
Does God always answer prayer like we want Him to regarding Christian crowdfunding? No. You may not raise as much as you'd hoped. You may at points be unable to give even though you badly want to do so. You may become too sick to travel. But does God answer prayers? Absolutely.  There is a type of answer God gives that sometimes seems like no answer at all. These scenarios can be tough even though God is no less faithful during those times.  There are other moments you can almost see the hand of God come down and do incredible things in ways you never imagined.  God is intimately involved in both kinds of situations.  People get into the debate about whether God could be moved to do something because of prayer.  Besides the scriptural support that He can, here is an everyday example:  As a child, parent or grandparent, were you ever moved to action because someone you loved asked something of you?  There is no one with a love that comes anywhere close to your Heavenly Father.  His heart is rich, full of compassion and tender. Could a heart like that be moved?  A better question to ask is how could it not?  So, as you seek to make a difference, don't forget the most important part--Prayer.
Without that vital component, God's power will be missing. Without it, the opportunity to make an eternal difference will be lost.

When it comes to Christian crowdfunding, make a commitment to pray, keep going and to never give up. God will surely take care of the rest!
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5 Ways to Build Interest in Your Campaign

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If you're about to begin a Christian crowdfunding campaign, the last thing you want is a campaign no one notices. You may fear invisibility and that the amount given to your cause may not meet your need. Although there are some things that are out of your control, there are many that you can influence. Here are 5 things you can do to build interest.

Include Video
Facebook faithfuls know there is power in a video. Even with the ease of access to making videos, there are still a surprising amount of campaign owners who don't take advantage of this technology. If you include a quality video, you'll set yourself apart from many others who don't. You'll reach more people since some won't stop to read about your campaign but will watch a video. Also, videos tend to be shared more on social platforms, especially if they are compelling and well put together.

Be Sincere
Sincerity is tough to stage. In most cases, potential givers will be quick to notice if you have it or not. And although sincerity matters in all forms of crowdfunding, it could be argued that it's most important in donation crowdfunding which is what Give Send Go is all about.A great way for people to see you are sincere is through video. But if you're not careful, it could have the opposite effect.  Eye-contact is huge when it comes to photos and video. If you struggle with eye contact, you're not alone. After all, videography likely isn't something you do for a living. There are several ways you can be sure to make eye-contact during your video. You can use a teleprompter but you don't necessarily need a high-tech gadget. You can have someone hold up the written words you wish to say so they're easily visible to you. Another option is to memorize your lines. Along with this, do your best to smile and keep potential donors interested by using an enthusiastic tone of voice.

Use Emotion
The use of emotion is an aspect of sincerity but is worthy of extra attention. Most people don't give just because of spreadsheets and facts. They give because a cause grabs at their heart. It's true that if emotion is taken too far it can be overdone and appear to lack authenticity. Yet, many are afraid to show emotion in video and their writing. In the writing world, people quickly lose interest if what they’re reading doesn’t show emotion. Readers need to feel something. Be open about how you've felt through your triumphs and challenges. It's ok to share about anger, bewilderment, elation, anticipation, fear and anything else you're feeling.  Every person you reach out to will understand that range of emotions. They’ll connect with you on a deeper level because you were open with them.  Along with this, be sure to be as transparent as appropriate. Blogger, Jeff Goins, once shared that if bloggers don't feel at least a little uncomfortable after posting an article, then they probably weren't as transparent as they should've been.  The same could be said for campaign owners.

Utilize the Power of "You"
The power of "you" is essential to draw potential givers in. It's also called the second person. Yes, share about yourself and your campaign but use the word "you" in your writing and video as well.  Essentially, what you're doing is including potential donors in your mission. If you want an example of second person usage, read over this article with new eyes. It wouldn’t be as interesting and motivating to read without the second person.  There’s an inviting quality to the second person. Be conversational and remember to draw others in using this approach. Include others like you’re talking right to each of them individually. If you get them interested, they’ll be more likely to get involved with your cause.  If you remember that crowdfunding is always a team effort, second-person usage will come easily.

Keep Sharing Your Christian Crowdfunding Campaign
This one has been mentioned in previous posts but is worth repeating. Provide consistent exposure to potential donors. One-time sharing will not get you the results you need.  Provide updates on social media through writing, photos and video. Consistently use email to your advantage.  Often, it’s not that people aren’t interested in your cause. It’s just that they have hundreds of other things clamoring for attention in their crazy lives.  Provide as much visibility for your campaign as you can without being obnoxious. 

Are you in the process of a Christian crowdfunding campaign on or have you had one in the past? If so, what are some ways you found to build interest in a campaign that you would add to this list?


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GoFundMe Alternative

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It seems that now a days as soon as a financial need becomes known somebody immediately heads to Gofundme to start a campaign. Gofundme has done a wonderful job in making a name for themselves in the crowdfunding business. This would be great, but recently we have heard that Gofundme has taken a stance against Christians and has been taking down campaigns that they did not agree with.

So what does that mean for the body of Christ? How can we as Christians stand by and support gfm with full knowledge that is what is happening? Especially now that there is, a crowdfunding site designed for Christians by Christians. Being a Christian platform is not the only thing that sets us apart from gofundme. Here are some frequently asked questions: 

Who has less fees? 
 GiveSendGo has less fees. Actually GiveSendGo, as a platform, takes NO Fees.  We operate on donation only. Why use a site that takes between 5%-10% out for themselves? We want you to raise the money you need to raise.  So financially it is a no brainer. Give a way the money you earn or keep it .... hmmmm 

Is it easier to share campaigns on gofundme? 
No, GiveSendGo has all the same social media and email sharing options with just a click of a button. Also every campaign allows you to create a custom url link,  to make it easy to share your campaign.

How about setting up a campaign?
GiveSendGo has created a simple process that takes you step by step creating the different pieces of your campaign. You can stop and save anytime during the whole campaign create process, so if you need to take some time gather information, or if you get interrupted, when you log back in your campaign will be ready to pick up where you left off. 

How secure is my bank information? 
Givesendgo uses the same payment processors as a multitude of other sites.  It is completely secure with state of the art credit card processing security features. And no worries Givesendgo does not have access to your bank information as it is stored on your payment processing account with you having total control over your donations and deposits. 

A couple more facts you may not know. 
Each month, we give 10% of the donations given to GSG back to active campaigns on our site. We’re the only crowdfunding site that believes so much in what you’re doing that we put our money where our mouth is. We love being Givers!

The most valuable currency is God’s love. Only God can meet the deepest needs of each heart. That’s why we’re grateful to have individuals and organizations dedicated to praying over our campaigns. We pray for eternal results because those are ultimately the only outcomes that matter. The God we serve will ALWAYS be bigger than money.

We are one of the only platforms that allow for recurring donations. If someone wants to give you a set donation amount for a set amount of months it just takes a couple clicks. Then the giver can also login and track their donations or end them if necessary. 

Do not just take our word for it, see what people are saying about GSG:

"We used GiveSendGo to raise money for families in need. It was really important to us that every dollar that people donated went to the families and was not wasted on fees. Excellent platform with excellent customer service." Rachel Naomi Co-Founder Lift Me Up

"Giving to a campaign under GiveSendGo feels great in part because I know all the funds are going right to the cause. And I love this concept so much that I always voluntarily donate a little more to GiveSendGo so they can keep it going."   Tanya Zaleski Sylvester Generous GSG Donor

So, the next time you need to raise money, or know someone who does, point them in the direction of GiveSendGo.  You'll be glad you did.
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