What Does the Giver Army 2.0 and How Can I Join?

By: Alex Shipley on | Comments: 1

Often times people want to be generous but simply aren’t sure where to start! We’ve made it easy for you and others to make a powerful impact with your desired generosity through GiveSendGo’s Giver Army 2.0! Starting at $5, so even those with tighter budgets can give AND from the comforts of their own home. 

The Giver Army 2.0 is a community of like-minded individuals who engage in micro-philanthropy by pledging to donate generously for a year to of GiveSendGo Charities' supported causes. By contributing as little as $5 per month, members of the Giver Army can significantly impact people’s lives on GiveSendGo who require significant assistance.

The way it works is simple: choose of our ten charitable causes to invest in, determine your monthly donation, and then watch and pray for the quarterly update showcasing the different campaigns your donation has impacted.

On top of giving back, being part of the Giver Army 2.0 also comes with some great perks! Members will receive a RightNow Media subscription, an end-of-year tax-deductible receipt, an exclusive invitation to our annual Giver Gala, quarterly impact reports showcasing campaigns that received grants associated with our causes, and more! 

So, what are you waiting for? Join the Giver Army 2.0 and be a part of bringing positive change to the world. With your help, we can make a difference in the lives of those who need it most! Click the following link to join the Giver Army 2.0 or visit to sign up!

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Is $5 Even Worth It?

By: BRIEYA WILSON on | Comments: 2
You've probably heard the saying “every penny counts”. Well that’s exactly what crowdfunding is, a bunch of people giving a little that, Lord willing, eventually turns into a lot! 

But, when you give to a campaign on GiveSendGo it's more than just a monetary donation. There’s a deeper impact and meaning to your donation no matter how much you give. 

The odds that a campaign owner will meet everyone they get a donation from is very unlikely. All they know is that a random stranger wants to be a part of their journey and cares enough about their cause to give. Maybe their story rang true for them, or maybe they had great empathy for the person that they were compelled to give something to help. 

Knowing that even random strangers have your back is something so powerful and inspiring for a lot of our campaign owners. On GiveSendGo, you can create a campaign for anything. Unfortunately, the world is broken, so oftentimes many of the campaigns we see are people who feel hopeless in their situation and have turned to crowdfunding as their last resort. So, yes, your $5.00 donation counts. It’s telling the campaign owner they’re not alone in whatever situation they’re going through… not if YOU can help it.

Being a part of the Givers Army doesn’t necessarily mean you have a lot to give. God loves a cheerful giver. In 2 Corinthians 9:7, Paul encourages others to give BUT not beyond their means. Does that mean giving is a sacrifice. Oftentimes, yes, but it doesn’t always have to be. 

Whether you’re making a one time donation to a GiveSendGo campaign, or you want to be a frequent giver on the Givers Army, don’t pledge to give a ridiculously high number that you can’t afford just because you want to be the most generous, or because you feel that a donation of a lesser amount won’t make a difference. Paul says don’t give "reluctantly or under compulsion." That’s our vision for the Givers Army, giving people rising up together to make a difference in the world - one small or large donation at a time. 

The amount you donate doesn't matter, it's the heart behind it. God sees your heart behind donating. 
Another benefit of giving, no matter what the amount, is the joy you will feel when helping someone in need. That alone is worth it to a lot of our givers! 

And, if you’re someone who wants to make a habit out of making a difference in people's lives then the Givers Army might be the choice for you!
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Common Question: Donations

By: ALEX SHIPLEY on | Comments: 3
So you’re thinking about donating to a campaign on GiveSendGo that you really care about? That’s great! Here are some tips to make your donation process easier and enjoyable! 

We often get questions about donations such as - how do I make a donation, what kind of impact will my donation make, and other general questions regarding the donation process on GiveSendGo. 

The following 8 tips will help navigate and inform you on your donation journey!

1. Do I need to sign-up to donate to a campaign?

GiveSendGo is powered by voluntary donations from Givers and Goers. 

We would love for you to join our GiveSendGo family and stay up to date with what we’re doing here, but you’re not required to sign up for anything in order to donate! Just click give now, fill out your credit card information, and hit submit. Then, just like that, your money is on your way to the campaign owner or beneficiary! 

2. How can I donate to support GiveSendGo?

First of all, thank you for wanting to help and be a part of our mission! Second, when you donate, there’s an option to give a portion of what you give to GiveSendGo. This will help us keep our platform free for everyone to use! However, this option is entirely optional and you’re not required to give us any money to use our site. 

3. How do I make my donation anonymous? 

We get it! Not everyone wants recognition for what they give. Maybe God has led you to give anonymously! No matter the reason, on GiveSendGo you’re able to change your name to say “anonymous” with just a few steps. After clicking the “give now” button, click the box marked “hide my name from public view” and your donation will be listed as anonymous. Keep in mind that the campaign owner will still be able to see your name as the person who donated to their campaign. Your name will just be hidden to the rest of the public. 

Don’t worry if you happen to miss this step, but you still want to stay anonymous! Just email us at and explain your situation. We’d be happy to help you switch your name over to anonymous!

If you DO want to share your name with the public, that’s also great! Just make sure to keep that box marked “hide my name from public view” unchecked. Either way, thank you for giving and making a difference!

4. I want to give a monthly donation

We also offer the option to give to a campaign monthly. On the page you will input your card information make sure to change the selection from “single donation” to “monthly subscription”. Then, a box will appear which will allow you to enter in how many months you want to give monthly recurring donations. Whether it’s for two months or for ten months, thank you for being a blessing through your donation!

5. Is my donation secure? 

Now that you’ve donated you may be wondering - is my donation secure? The answer is yes! All donations are processed securely using industry-standard Secure Socket Layer encryption (otherwise known as SSL). 

6. Are donations refundable?

Unfortunately, since all donations are immediately disbursed to campaign owner’s or campaign beneficiary’s bank accounts, refunds are not possible.

However, if you accidentally gave the wrong amount to GiveSendGo in order to help keep our service free, we are able to refund that money back to you or change the amount given. Just email our customer service team at and they would be happy to help you! 
7. What impact will my donation make?

Your donation helps campaign owners and beneficiaries get one step closer to reaching their goal. Your donation might make the difference between someone reaching their goal or not. Just know that with each donation you make you’re making a difference in somebody’s life! Look at you Shining Brightly! 

8. Are donations tax-deductible?  

Donations made on GiveSendGo are generally not tax-deductible unless you’re giving directly to a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization with a government issued EIN Tax ID number. We advise you to consult your own tax adviser on any giving you may do on GiveSendGo. 

If you still have questions about GiveSendGo’s donation process or need assistance feel free to email us at 

Shine Brightly! 

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