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What can you use GiveSendGo.com for? 


GiveSendGo is a tool for the Church to help people in need of financial support, prayer, and Hope.  Whether family in the community that

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About Crowdfunding The GiveSendGo difference

As the #1 free Christian crowdfunding site, it is vital that you know how we are different from other crowdfunding platforms.

We are FREE. We charge no money to use our platform. We believe you should be able to keep all the money you

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I have given to a few crowdfunding campaigns over the last few years, even way before I really knew what crowdfunding was.

    I remember the first time that I saw an acquaintance post

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About Crowdfunding Crowdfunding and Prayer

Three Reasons to Pray

Prayer is a vital part of Christian crowdfunding. Perhaps you now have a shiny new campaign in full swing. You reached out to family, friends, co-workers and more. You also made sure to

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About Crowdfunding What is crowdfunding?

What Is Crowdfunding Anyway?
Many people would be intimidated if someone asked them, “What does crowdfunding mean?”
The idea is actually quite simple. Oxford Dictionaries describes crowdfunding as, “the practice of

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