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Who Gives at Give Send Go?
Who gives? We're used to that expression in our culture. It's not usually meant in a positive light. We use it as a way of saying, "who cares?" But if we take that saying literally, what is it? An important question. And the answer to that question is even more vital. So, when it comes to giving, who gives? Here are some thoughts on that.
Those With "Too Much" Give
Though most don't fit into this category, some do. There's a certain point once basic needs are met, that people wonder, "now what?"  Those with extra resources quickly learn that more wealth doesn't equal more happiness. Hanging on too much to money will eventually only lead to restlessness and disappointment. So, the challenge for the thoughtful person with more than enough resources is to do something positive. They, like their creator, are compelled to give out of an abundance of their resources. They're energized by the powerful difference they can make in the world.
Like Joseph of Arimathea who, out of his wealth, provided a tomb for a homeless man named Jesus after his crucifixion, the wealthy want to do the same. They want to share hope, relieve suffering and honor their Lord. Having extra wealth doesn't mean giving to causes without thought, though. Quite the contrary! You know that extra wealth isn’t easy to come by if this is you. You also realize you can't meet every need in the world even though others view you as rich. So, you’re always searching for causes that grab at your heartstrings. You continually ask, "is this the best way I can impact God's world with the resources He's given me?"
Those Without Abundance Give
Some can't give as much to a cause because most expenses must go to living.
The temptation, in this case, can be to say, "why bother?"
That's a question worth answering. There are many things you can do if you live in a middle to low-income level even with limited resources. We’ve all heard of children who had virtually no resources start up a charity for a cause that mattered to them. And, occasionally, these stories make the news because a child’s efforts really take off. First, you can provide the most valuable resource of all which is time. You can give yourself to others and worthwhile causes. You are uniquely made by God. There isn't another person in the world like you. Why not give yourself to a cause where you are exactly what the world needs? There’s so much you can do. You can volunteer at a local prison ministry or food pantry. You can find someone to mentor or send encouraging letters to people who need the courage to keep going. That's not all, though. The essence of crowdfunding is to draw a crowd. To bring together a large group of people passionate about giving.
You don't need much. Just a little faith and whatever money you have when it comes to crowdfunding.
 Jesus once fed thousands of people using a boy's lunch. Never give up on giving because you feel the amount you have won't make a difference. God can use you in a group to make a huge difference. What you contribute, no matter how small, matters. It matters to others and it matters to God.
Christians SHOULD BE the Best Givers
Those who’ve tasted the salvation Jesus gives possess the greatest reason of all to bless others. The gift we’ve received from God doesn’t always seem that big. At least not yet. But on the day we leave this world of suffering to forever be with God, it sure will! None of us can come close to understanding how valuable the gift is that Jesus gave us. But we know that it's priceless. So, out of the abundance of the immense gift of God's love, we give. In the scheme of things, whether we're rich or poor, what we give isn't very much.
That little fact doesn't worry God and it shouldn't worry you. God is pleased to see us give out of our limitations. He can more than carry out the rest of his plans while continually increasing the children in his kingdom. No, He doesn't need our money or resources. But He allows us to express gratitude for what He's done, benefiting others in the process. feels fortunate to help facilitate God's work around the world through your generosity and that of others. We believe in Christian crowdfunding and think you will too after trying it out!

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