A few questions to ask when choosing a crowdfunding platform


  • Why am I raising money?

Have a clear understanding of what you are raising for and why you believe your friends and family will want to support your cause.  A successful campaign has a clear defined purpose and call to action.  It will also always start with support from the people closest to you.  



  • What are the fees associated?  

Just because a platform advertises it is free to start a campaign does not mean the platform does not take any money.  Make sure to dig in to the fees associated with having a campaign.  Every platform will have a processors fee, if they are processing credit cards online.  Remember you will want to look into if there are additional monthly fees, or often a % of donations go to platform fees and are deducted from each donation.   It may be free to start a campaign, but when donations start coming in you don’t want to suddenly  realize 10%+ is going to the platform and processors.



  • Is it a KIA or AoN platform?

Does this look like secret code to you?  Well let us explain.  KIA means Keep it all and it is how GiveSendGo.com runs their platform.  The money you raise, you keep.  You don’t have to raise a certain goal or achieve a % to be able to transfer your donations to your bank.  The money given, is yours.   AoN is an All or Nothing platform which means what it says. You either raise all the money you set in your goal or it all donations get sent back to your donors.-  On GiveSendGo.com you do have the ability to wait to transfer your donations to your account so if you need to refund a donation it is easy. 



  • How are funds disbursed?

Again, many different platforms have many ways of handling your donations.  At GiveSendGo the money is donated to YOU so it goes directly into your payment processor account and you have full control over your donations and how, when and where they are paid out to you. 

Hope this helped give you some direction as you investigate. Make sure to continue to check out GiveSendGo.com for all your crowdfunding needs! 


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Christian Cromwell says:
October 7, 2020 at 07:15 pm
I think it’s brilliant how you have structured your site. Some people have plenty of money but don’t want to donate all they have so they really rely on others to help Cover a large piece of the finances needed and if those amounts are not met then those monies should be returned to the individuals who donated. Other donations might set goals that takes time to reach there needed amount and therefore it benefits them that you Don’t have to return donations when donations Are not meet right away and can continue to come in until you have reached the needed amount

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