A year ago today, GiveSendGo saw a campaign for a man named Mr. James from Memphis, Tennessee. He’s in his late 70’s and was in need of a new trailer to collect scrap metal, which he does to support his loving wife and great grandchildren they’re raising together. His friend, Dywana, thought the trailer didn’t look safe, so she decided to raise money with us on GiveSendGo in order to purchase a new tailer for Mr. James! Talk about a good friend!

The co-founders of GiveSendGo felt led to help Mr. James and Dywana out, so they purchased a new trailer for him and told Dywana any money she’d already raised for Mr. James can now just go directly to him! 

They traveled to Tennessee to meet Dywana and surprise Mr. James with the new trailer! The morning of the surprise, Dywana received a call from Mr. James, who told her he was on his way to meet her…business as usual...except, he mentioned, as of that morning, his trailer was no longer usable. Can you believe it?! On the SAME MORNING Dwyana and the GiveSendGo team had arranged to meet Mr. James and give him this new trailer, his old one breaks down! 

Some people may call it a coincidence, but we know there’s no such thing! He was overwhelmed with joy and thankfulness for his friend Dywana, for the new trailer, and to everyone in his community who came that morning to show their support! I think we all can agree we need a friend like Dywana.


Jamie Walker says:
September 30, 2022 at 08:26 am
God Bless Mr. James, his wife, great grandçhildren, Dywana & the co founders. Such a Blessing
Dywana says:
December 7, 2021 at 02:39 am
I love giving and do as much as I can to show love and compassion to my fellowman. I may not have a lot monetary wise but I am a millionaire in a lot of ways. Loving and giving are so important in this world in which we live. Thank you Give Send Go for everything! Merry Chriatmas.
Kristi McCoy says:
December 7, 2021 at 02:32 am
Such a great story! Honored to know you Dyanna!

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