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Have you seen the popular t-shirt or bumper sticker that says Gone Fishin'?  I feel like we need to make one for this past decade that says "Gone Crazy".   

People fighting and disowning each other over political posts, shootings, rioting and looting, protests, claims of fraud on every election, killing babies is called normal and people are shamed if they believe it is wrong, social platforms and credit cards silencing any voice they don't agree with. If you had given me a magic ball I would not have believed this would be the culture we find ourselves living in the 2021 United States of America. 

Freedom that was bought a high price both spiritually and physically, is being thrown away for greed and convienence. 

GiveSendGo has found itself in a precarious position, as the country takes sides. We know that the battle is not against flesh and blood so we are not out to take a stand with either Democrats or Republicans.  Our stand is HOPE.  We are going to use our platform to share the Hope of Jesus.  When someone comes to GSG and wants to make a campaign for some left leaning campaign, we will allow it as we pray and reach out and share love and hope with each campaign owner and giver.  When a right leaning campaign owner makes a campaign we don't 100% agree with, again we just commit to pray for, and share grace and hope with each person who comes to the campaign. 

That doesn't always make us a lot of friends. We get a lot of hate mail, threats and people demanding "take that down"  or "how dare you call yourself a Christian".   We understand that people are invested in their "side" and what they feel is the right way to do things and they can be really passionate expressing it. 

We are also passionate. We are passionate about helping people. We are passionate about sharing Hope with often times hopeless people.  We are passionate about giving YOU a voice. Giving you a way to take a stand for what you feel passionate about. But most importantly, we are passionate about Jesus.  We are passionate about getting a chance to introduce Him to people who come to our platform. We don't care what election sign is in your yard, or who you follow on twitter, those are all temporary. We want to focus on the eternal.  

Our focus is simple:  Letting you know that Jesus loves you more than you ever can imagine. So much that He took the punishment for the sin that separates you from God and made a way for you to have a relationship with Him.  He doesn't just want you to just say a one time prayer. He wants your whole self, freely choosing to love Him in response to His love for you. Nothing gets better than that.  Simple but yet Mindblowing.  

Don't go crazy, Go share Hope along with us. It's still available for all! 

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Hannah Scott says:
January 5, 2021 at 04:53 am
Keep up the great work. If you make the T-shirt?s they will come!!! I?ll buy at least one God bless

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