It's November! Crazy how time flies… It feels like summer was just a few weeks ago, but now we’re headed into the holiday season! 
What’s your favorite holiday this month? There’s Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and you can't forget National Pickle day on November 14th! Here at GiveSendGo, our favorite holiday is Giving Tuesday! 

What is Giving Tuesday?
Giving Tuesday falls on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. On this day, people from all around the world celebrate generosity and join forces with different organizations to help them raise money for their causes! Originally started in 2012 by a team at the Belfer Center for Innovation & Social Impact at the 92nd Street Y (or 92Y), this holiday has been growing exponentially ever since!

How can YOU get involved?
One of the many great things about Giving Tuesday is that on GiveSendGo it’s super simple for you and your family to get involved! GiveSendGo is ready to provide the tools you need to make a successful crowdfunding campaign so you can raise money for the causes you love and want to come alongside to make a difference. That can mean starting a campaign to raise money for a non-profit organization, or personally making an impact in your community!   

Sound like something you would be interested in?

Raising money for an organization 
This could be starting a campaign for a well-known organization such as (FILL IN 2 ORGANIZATIONS 
Step 1. Find your organization.
It’s important to do some research about the organization you wish to raise money for. Ensure it’s a legitimate organization and something you’re passionate about.
Step 2. Creating your campaign 
Share your heart for this organization’s cause! When creating your campaign, you’ll be asked to share your story. This is where you write why this cause is important to you. Make sure the messaging is clear and heartfelt. If you can inspire people to want to make a difference for this cause, then your campaign is bound to get lots of attention and donors! 

Raising money for a project you plan to undertake
This could be you raising money for blankets to give out to the homeless in preparation for the winter.  
Step 1. Find a need and make a plan 
Take time to research what needs are in your community. Make a plan of action.
Step 2. Gain trust with potential givers 
Once you know your plan of action, time to create your campaign! Make sure to clearly explain the need, why you want to help, and how you plan to do it.

Tips to follow for a successful campaign

Pray for your Mission
Ask others to pray as well. God planted a seed in you to see a change take place. Ask Him to bless it. Money is no issue for God. Don’t make your campaign simply about how much money you can raise. Use your campaign to deepen your trust in God’s provision and to invite others into the life-changing work He’s doing! 

Grow your team 
A successful campaign starts with sharing your campaign, most often on social media. If you grow a team of people who are just as passionate to support this cause as you are, you’re not only reaching your friends and followers but theirs as well! The more people the campaign reaches, the more potential donors! 

Take a photo… or 5 
Make sure you have good-quality campaign cover photos. If your cover photos look unprofessional, people may be hesitant to give to your campaign. Photos and videos are a great way to bring legitimacy to your campaign. If a picture says 1,000 words, imagine how many words a video would say! 
Keep your donors updated!

Not only will this bring legitimacy to your campaign, but it may inspire people to become more invested in your campaign. Therefore, they may donate more and share your campaign with their audience.  
Good luck this Giving Tuesday! YOU are making a difference in this world! If you have any questions about your Giving Tuesday campaign email 

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