My Mama always told me not to talk to strangers..but today I did.

Soooo here is my really cool testimony. I'll try to make it short. 
I was hanging out with my mom and sister Weslea, we were talking about how important it is for Christians get out of their comfort zone and just tell people how much God loves them. We talked about how we should start telling people..anywhere and everywhere.
I had to leave to go grocery shopping... so we decided that I would try it, just stop some random person at the store and let them know the truth about Jesus and His great love for them. As I was leaving, Weslea said she got a picture, she described a woman and said she had a red hat and said that if I see her, I should tell her how much God loves her.

So I went, very nervous but excited. I prayed for courage the whole way to the store. God kept bringing to mind that I should pray for her son?? Weird, but its what kept coming to mind. I walked in the store. No one with a red hat on..I shopped. Still no one that fit the description. I went through check out..still couldn't see anyone. 
The whole time in my spirit I kept praying that the Lord will give me someone, a lady in a red hat or not. 
I headed to my one. 

As I put my groceries in my car I was staring at all the strangers that passed by. I was wondering who it would be. Finally, after not seeing anyone with a red hat I decided that I would talk to the lady putting her groceries away in the car next to me. With a Godly courage, I went up to her and told her how much God loved her. How He wants relationship with her. How even in her darkest moments, He was with her. She nodded politely and smiled.  I asked if she had a son. Nope. 3 daughters. I continued to let her know how much Christ adored her. ( I mean, even if I was wrong about the person, who doesn't love hearing that God loves them.) 

 Finally, I went to put my cart back in the corral and out of the store walked a woman that fit Weslea's description...exactly! So crazy!!

Here it goes again!
Went up to her, she was a bit surprised. I said  "you know something funny, my sister and I were praying this morning and she got a picture of you. She said if I saw you at the store, I needed to tell you something." She  just stared at me. I said "do you know God loves you so much! He has me here today to tell you how special you to Him. He watches you every second and is absolutely in love with you!" 

Tears rolled down her face. She explained her son (!!!!) just had open heart surgery and had become a Christian. We prayed healing right there for him. I told her to go home and tell him how much God is pleased with him. As she grabbed my hand She cried some more and talked about how this made her day. We talked for a couple minutes more as I just tried to convey how deep her Heavenly Father's love was for her and how He wanted a personal relationship with her. It was amazing. God is so good.
How could I ask my kids and youth group kids to spread Gods love if I wasn't even doing it!!! Here is to 2015 and making a commitment to being available to God to be used. Not just talking but praying and maybe financially giving to whomever we are led to! 
If you want change in your community or nation.... start it yourself. ?

E. Arvidson

Then come back and share your testimony with us. 
Let the life changing stories continue!

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Doug Bernitt says:
January 2, 1970 at 12:00 am
Great inspirational story! I have struggled lately! I Have not been the Christian God intended for me to be. I have let the weight of the world hinder my testimony! My son has been diagnosed with cardiomyopathy! Its kept him from holding onto a job! He fights deep depression! Ive helped him to the point it has taken any retirement money that I once had! Please pray for him! His name is Ryan.

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