Three Reasons to Pray

Prayer is a vital part of Christian crowdfunding. Perhaps you now have a shiny new campaign in full swing. You reached out to family, friends, co-workers and more. You also made sure to include a quality photo or video along with just the right words. Or perhaps you're about to give to a campaign or head across land and sea to advance God's kingdom.
There's one thing you may have forgotten, though. That one thing is prayer. Human nature sometimes focusses on the "tangible" at the expense of more important things. So, as you give, send and go, don't forget to pray. Here are three reasons to do just that.

Reminder of Who Ultimately Provides
We often put so much pressure on ourselves to provide that we're tempted to forget Who the real provider is.  As a giver, you may fear you won't have enough money if you give to a cause that matters to you. Prayer will help you trust in your ultimate Provider. This could safeguard you from missing an opportunity you may otherwise have passed up. If you have an active campaign, through prayer, you'll be reminded that it's up to God to accomplish your campaign results once you've done all you could reasonably do. Being reminded that God is the one who provides will take the pressure off if you decide you can't give as much as you want as well. It will also help those with a campaign to rest in the thought that God will provide what they need. If you're about to head far from home to make a difference you likely have many cares. You're doing your best not to worry about safety, your health and the desire to do all you can. Prayer about all these concerns will give you renewed confidence that God will take care of you while you take care of others.

Prayer Changes Attitudes
Prayer for crowdfunding-related causes will change your viewpoints and attitudes. Sincerely pray for a difficult co-worker--as hard as that is--and your attitude towards them will begin to shift. You'll see them as someone who’s broken like yourself. Someone with hurts and needs like yourself. Someone who desperately needs God to fill the void in their lives, that only He can satisfy, just like yourself. The same will happen when you start to pray in the scope of Christian crowdfunding. You'll find the temptation towards indifference replaced with a sincere concern to make an impact that will last. You'll find compassion for others you didn't previously have.

Because God Answers
Does God always answer prayer like we want Him to regarding Christian crowdfunding? No. You may not raise as much as you'd hoped. You may at points be unable to give even though you badly want to do so. You may become too sick to travel. But does God answer prayers? Absolutely.  There is a type of answer God gives that sometimes seems like no answer at all. These scenarios can be tough even though God is no less faithful during those times.  There are other moments you can almost see the hand of God come down and do incredible things in ways you never imagined.  God is intimately involved in both kinds of situations.  People get into the debate about whether God could be moved to do something because of prayer.  Besides the scriptural support that He can, here is an everyday example:  As a child, parent or grandparent, were you ever moved to action because someone you loved asked something of you?  There is no one with a love that comes anywhere close to your Heavenly Father.  His heart is rich, full of compassion and tender. Could a heart like that be moved?  A better question to ask is how could it not?  So, as you seek to make a difference, don't forget the most important part--Prayer.
Without that vital component, God's power will be missing. Without it, the opportunity to make an eternal difference will be lost.

When it comes to Christian crowdfunding, make a commitment to pray, keep going and to never give up. God will surely take care of the rest!

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