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The funds from this campaign will be received by Zach Vorhies.

Goal : USD $125,000
Raised : USD $ 11,630



You're probably here because like me YOU'VE been confronted with the reality of big tech and social media censorship by the removal of many of the prominent conservative voices YOU love.

Trust me I know, I'm the Google whistle blower and have seen behind the curtain of big tech censorship. I'm in a unique position with the connections I've made in the freedom movement and others in key technology positions.

I built Blast Video for YOU and the respective voices YOU trust who bring to light new knowledge and bright ideas.

That's why I created replaces the YouTube recommendation engine for politics. And it constantly searches for new videos across multiple major platforms like Rumble, Bitchute and others.'s is driven by a simple mission statement: To be "The BEST place for news 24/7".

We do this by scanning ~220 content creators for new videos throughout the day. Conservative to independent, like

  • Tim Pool
  • Dinesh Dsouza
  • Mike Adams
  • Stew Peters
  • Alex Jones
  • Paul Joseph Watson
  • Judicial Watch
  • JP Sears
  • Project Veritas
  • Black Conservative Patriot
  • Tim Dillon
  • Dave Rubin
  • ...and many many more

We also feature special channels for

  • Warroom with Steve Bannon
  • Infowars
  • Fox/Oann/Newsmax
  • Health & Keto

The interface is slick and super fast. Because it's a fast loading website there is no need to install an app and thus no need to follow Apple or Google's censorship guidelines. Save a web link to the homescreen and now it's just as good as an app!

BLAST.VIDEO is resistant to censorship

Our recommendation engine is resistant to censorship because it pulls from multiple platforms for their content. If you are a content creator and you get banned on YouTube, then we can pull them from your account on Rumble and so on. As long as you post video on any supported platform then can pull your videos and they will appear in our recommendation feed.


Do you believe that good people working together can make a difference?

  1. What if you tell your friends to come to Then you'll be part of the solution. Let your friends know that censorship has been fixed in America at They'll thank you for giving them the heads up.
  2. Contribute financially. $10, $20, $50. How many times have you said to yourself "why won't someone care to fix the censorship?" I thought the same, that's why I built this site for YOU. Your support and spreading this message will help us build new methods of algorithmic sovereignty. 

Donate today to help make this a reality for you and all those others desperate to hear from voices of truth.

Other ways to support:

  1. Paypal:
  2. Cash App: $ZacharyVorhies
  3. CryptoCa$h:


Blast.Video update: Check out our bot and rss feeds for every content creator!
May 31, 2022
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I've got some exciting updates for you all.

RSS Feeds for Everyone @

First off I want to talk about videos: wouldn't it be nice if you could just get the rss data for a particular content creator? Well now you can! I've taken the database of videos and externalized it into it's own service at:

You can use our public facing api to get an rss stream of your favorite content creator. For example here is Tim Pool:

To find an rss feed you'll need to do the following:

  • /info/channels endpoint to find all the channel creators in the database.
  • Paste the exact name from the previous step into /rss endpoint and the result will be a live RSS feed.

Gab Poster

Another great update is our gab bot, which will auto post the top trending results onto! As far as I know, I'm the first person to auto-post to gab. It does this by launching a web browser and manually clicking and typing through the site in order to make a post. Hence the reason I call it a 'bot' instead of something sophisticated.

There's literally no other straightforward way to post to post to gab from an API. If you want to make a bot like this yourself then please check out:

And if you want to use my browser bot for posting/getting content everywhere then please check out my project which provides the underlying solution to quickly get a bot setup on your computer.

Next up for the road map is auto-posting to Truth Social!!

Thank you for your contributions. Let's keep the support coming. And remember, the best place for news on the internet 24/7 is BLAST.VIDEO!

Update #1 Check out the first new feature - the video clipper!
April 7, 2022
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NEW FEATURE - Video Clipper

On BLAST.VIDEO the videos can now be clipped and saved to your desktop computer or your mobile device. Just look for the "clip" button at the bottom of every video result in the feeds.

This will help you share content on the internet.

Check it out now and let me know what you think:


  • Facebook and Instagram banned the entire site and my personal name from being used. Please pray for us as we fight pure evil