Bibles for Revival in Africa

Across Africa, the fires of revival are starting to burn once more. Revival is all about winning the lost, and souls are coming to the Lord by the hundreds and are then spreading the flames of that excitement everywhere they go. But this new move of the Holy Spirit is not just for Africa – I believe the Lord will use their testimony to provoke us here in America to jealousy when we see the fires of revival burning over there. Hopefully, it will bring us to our knees in repentance for being more enamored with having “church as usual” than going out to the community to win the lost.

The number of souls getting saved in Africa is so great that it is difficult to share the numbers with us in America because we have nothing to compare it to. It is hard to accept the testimonies that 4,000 to 10,000 and more are getting saved each month when all we have to compare it to are our own vacant altars where only a few get saved over a month’s time. We are missing one of the greatest moves of the Holy Spirit of all time. The mercy we sow will be the mercy we receive.

One of the challenges with all those new souls coming to salvation, is that many cannot afford their own Bible. It is hard to believe that $5 to $10 could be such a challenge, but that amount constitutes a week’s salary or more for many, many people, especially in the rural areas. We can’t lead these people to salvation and then turn on our heel and wish them, “Be thou warmed and filled.” (James 2:16) We need to provide the Bread of Life for them so that their salvation will not be in vain, but that it will grow like a measure of leaven in that lump of Bread to not only grow in strength, but to spread the message of God’s love to the rest of the world.

I still have a letter from a young girl in Kenya who wrote, “You do not know me, pastor, but you gave me my very own Bible, and it has changed my life.” Another pastor who was in Nairobi when the riots broke out and fires were burning down whole neighborhoods told me that many would rush back into burning buildings to grab their most precious possession – that five-dollar Bible we gave them.

The price of Bibles varies with each country we go to, but on average, $50 can buy 5 to 10 Bibles. We need hundreds. Below is a chart of the monthly requests from a few of our pastors in Africa. These numbers are based on how many new souls get saved each month that cannot afford their own Bible. 827 Bibles would cost around $7,000 per month.

You may not be able to go, and you may not be able to preach, but you can help us with providing this most basic of all needs – the Word of God – to those who can carry that message to others because you provided the sustenance for them to go.

Please help us help them so that they may in turn carry the flames of revival back to us again.

Bibles needed per Month

William Iddi - Tanzania --   20

Mackson Suci - Nairobi --  15

Faith Kalumbo-Zambia --  15

Momo Seley - Liberia --    150

Michel Igunzi - Congo --   175

John Amani - Congo --     100

Isaiah - Rwanda  --          250

Moffat – Kisumu, Kenya - 15

Pius Ngenzi - Kenya --      15

Mike Kimani - Nairobi  --   15

Bishop Solomon  --          45

Moses Kamanzi  --          25

          Total   850 Bibles per month x $7.50 per Bible (avg) = $6,375