I'm Ryan Barry, and I am respectfully asking for your support of my candidacy to run for School Committee in the upcoming Town election  on May 10th.  I'm running because...during the pandemic I watched parents silenced and children deprioritized and I would like the opportunity to change that.

     I have 5 objectives:

  • Encouraging and emphasizing the importance of education for all students in the Mansfield Public Schools
  • Representing the perspective, concerns, and goals of the Parents to the Mansfield School Committee
  • Bring conversation and debate back to school committee meetings
  • Monitoring the financial status of the Mansfield School System - Smart Spending is Responsible Spending
  • Ensure facilities are in good working order and our teachers have what they need to succeed.

    A little bit about me.  I am a lifelong resident of Mansfield (92') husband of __ years to Melanie (95') raising 2 children Oliva, and Liam presently attending Mansfield High School. Currently, I am a Principle Engineer Technologist for Dell/EMC and proudly nominated to be the Diversity and Inclusion Ambassador by my peers.

    I hold Bachelor's Degrees in Business Administration and Electrical Engineering.

    I have always been a very involved parent, attending all school activities and fortunate to coach children of various ages in Football, Basketball, and Soccer.  I enjoyed being a coach and mentor to these children and interacting with their parents.  The importance of education was always underlined.  

    I hope you will support my campaign. We will be posting future events  to a campaign Facebook page that is currently under construction (check my personal FB page for campaign links. 

    In the meantime, mark your calendars for May 10th and get out and VOTE!

Thank you, Ryan (Coach B)