I created a unique business idea that gears toward couples. My business idea Bella's Store is geared towards couples, relationships, friendships, companions, and marriage. The idea of Bella's Store is to create long-lasting memories with your significant other by the means of product gifts that show how much you care. (To learn more about Bella's Store, please visit my website @ https://bellaonline.store/ My Products are available and are being held in the US warehouse for purchase. For example, the products that are currently available at Bellas's Store is a couple of bracelets (two different couple bracelet design and a portable cooling fan) I know this is a very great business idea that was birthed to me by revelation and would bring happiness to a lot of home but, the problem is I do not have the funds to properly advertise and market my products. I need money to keep on with my website subscription, business email,  marketing, and advertising my products with utilities to keep my website running properly. Currently, my business email was suspended because of a lack of funds. Please be a blessing if you can, and please give what you can, but don't put yourself in financial hardship for me! Thank you in advance and have a blessed day!