Help Launch our GF Allergy Friendly Pizza Crust


The funds from this campaign will be received by Naomi Poe.

Goal: USD $6,000
Raised: USD $ 170

I know there's gluten-free pizza crust out there.... but you've *never* had one this good! Whether you like New York, pan pizza, or crispy crust, this mix does it all. Our goal is to help you enjoy a slice of Italy - in your own kitchen and at your local pizza parlor.

Since 2008, Better Batter has been an award-winning, standard-setting company producing Allergy Free certified cup for cup flours and mixes, and we’ve done it with a firm commitment to living out Kingdom principles. We’ve set the bar for quality, employment practices, and customer services, and we want to keep it up!


A few months ago, one of our local pizza parlors (Aunt Dani's Pizza) came to Patrick and I with an idea. They were disappointed with the GF pizza crusts out there and wanted to recreate their own, locally famous crust, in-house. So we worked with them to create the perfect 14-inch pizza crust for use in their restaurant.  We started with their recipe, our Original Blend Flour and a little magic... Long story short - this was literally the best pizza we'd ever eaten.  Aunt Dani's was thrilled (and so were we)!

We mentioned our idea to several customers (commercial and retail) and the amount of interest was HUGE. Initially we were raising funds on our traditional platform, but several of our customers requested alternate methods for donation that would align with their goals/standards, so here we are!


I’ll try and recap where we’re at quickly:

Right now we have raised almost $2900 through private donations and other platforms. We have a total goal of between $6000 and $22,000 to launch this product properly.


We have developed 3 formulas for testing, and we are seeking to have our donors test with us. At least one of the test formulas will be gum free, and all formulas will be certified top 9 free, vegan appropriate, etc. We split our project into stages (prelaunch, development, testing, and launch), and we are currently in the process of blending the sample formulas to make sure our approved supplier ingredients will translate from our home recipes. After verifying the formula with Aunt Dani’s we will be asking our donors to test with us.


Funding Level: $1501-$6000


1) Contact donors to see if they are willing to beta-test for us.


2) Launch testing as afforded:

All donors no matter how small the donation, will be eligible to be offered a chance to test the formulas. We will sort donations from largest to smallest, then in date order within the donation tier,. We will go down the list until we run out of donors or samples, or both. Donors must be willing and able, prompt communicators.



STAGE IV: Launching the product - PRELAUNCH

Funding Level $6001-$22000


At this stage we will be attempting to launch the product properly.  Initially we will seek to save money by only offering the product in basic packaging. We will offer the first run of the product at a deeply discounted rate to all current donors first. The product will only be made and brought to our warehouse when we have enough preorders to make 2000lb (our minimum run). If we sell through the first run, we will make additional runs available to the public at a discounted rate.


First Inventory Purchase:  First inventory would be in basic packaging with nutrition label. We estimate this cost to be $10,000 but it may be higher.


Upgrade Packaging -  This would take place only after the product has been designated for permanent line placement.  We estimate the cost to design and produce this item to be $7000 per size.


Advertising - We wouldn't have the funds to really launch this 'properly' with ad campaigns and get the word out, so we will either count on our partners/donors share like crazy or help us raise funds to get the word out! We estimate any paid advertising (this includes sending free samples to current customers, social media, and more) to cost  $5,000



Our plan is to keep you up-to-date with photos and hopefully some videos so please make sure you stay with us!


Naomi, Chef Patrick & Aunt Danis Cafe



Update #7
July 21, 2022
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Hello,  Everyone, here's the latest update:

As per my last update, June was spent in graduation mode with our kids (and then subsequent COVID outbreaks). While I was busy being a mom and getting sick, Aun't Dani's and Patrick mixed up the last of the ingredients they had and successfully trialed our original Aunt Dani's formula in the commercial kitchen, so we moved ahead with approving that formula for you to test at home. The white gum free version Patrick developed during this time was also successful, and as of this week, we have a third formula that is also being tested - I anticipate that being approved.

When we went to move ahead with the test run order, we ran into an issue - due to droughts, one key ingredient has been in short supply (sold out) throughout the United States, and due to our quality standards, none of the substitutes we trialed met quality or safety benchmarks, so we've been stuck. 

Our supplier has been diligently searching for an appropriate supply of the ingredient, and Patrick is also trialing other substitutes - just in case this is a permanent issue.  As of right now, we're looking at September or October for the ingredient to arrive, so about November for the finished samples to get to us, and off to you. All three are fantastic, so it's just a matter of you voting on what you like best.

I know this has been a long waiting process, and I am grateful you are continuing to be patient with us. We have about $3500 in savings from the funds we've raised. I anticipate the actual trial to cost us $5500, which would provide a sample of all 4 formulas (3 crusts and 1lb flour) to at least 100 people, and perhaps a bit more. I'm willing to put my own funds into the final leg of this to try and get you ALL a sample, but please feel free to spread the word. 

I anticipate having more regular updates for you, now that we know what is going on in the supply chain.Many thanks for your continued prayers! Naomi

Update #6
May 10, 2022
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Hey all! Long time no see! Below is our latest update...

First things first, apologies for the month between updates. 

Our last set of in-house test items arrived about  just in time for a perfect storm (literally) to hit our region, followed by unexpected illness, then another storm..... and that placed Naomi and Dani's owners smack dab in the middle of end of school year, track season, a musical and graduation for both sets of kids. Between the two of us, someone hasn't been available for one reason or another for 4 weeks.

We are finally seeing some free space open up on the calendar. John (one of the Aunt Dani's owners) is doing up a dough ball tonight with one of the formulas, and our hope is to do the final 'initial' testing on Thursday. Failing that, we have to wait until after the election next week (Naomi's an election worker), and then we plan to do the test next Wednesday. Failing THAT, we're probably looking at the second week of June (more graduation stuff) before we can get back together.

The plan is to run the three Formulas, approve or discard them, and move forward. We plan to submit 1-3 formulas for costing within 2 business days of the last in-house tests, and you should be hearing from us with instructions for next steps once we know how many samples we can do up.

I appreciate how patient you have been, and I am glad to get the ball rolling again.


Update #5: Last little tests before going to home tests!
April 14, 2022
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We are finally in the home stretch here!

Supply chain has been very slow, so we were waiting for more ingredients to arrive to Patrick while I compiled a list of all the answers you provided from my last update.

Patrick finally got the new ingredients and ran several tests with and without rice flour and gums, and he sent me several new formulas (we will call them 5 and 6) for review.

Of course, everything arrived in time for BB to be closed down for Easter Break, so I'm popping in briefly to let you know what is the plan.

Next week John/Dani and I will be running our final tests of F1, comparing it to F3 and F5 and F7. My plan is to narrow the home tests to 3 Formulas, get the pricing on test runs of 500lb each for the formula(s), and then start compiling addresses.

As a reminder, our plan is to get samples to as many of you as possible - we will go in order of amount and then date (and within each amount tier, by date) until we run out of donors, samples, money, or all three. 

From the feedback and decision will be in YOUR hands - we may or may not do a couple extra rounds of testing, depending on how the first one goes. I feel like we are finally getting close to the really exciting part (that would be YOU) and I am so stoked! 

Thanks for continuing to support us!


Update #4
March 30, 2022
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Okay just thought I'd lead with that. Follow the dots, click more etc and let me know your thoughts (at the end of this update). Whatever is the consensus is how we'll proceed.

So here's the latest - 

F1 - our original blend (rice and gums) pizza crust. We tested it multiple times as pizza and baguettes at Aunt Danis, and it was approved by us, by AD, and by both their son and ours (1 who is gluten free and one who is not)! So that one is going in the test kit... pretty sure.

We home tested yet another version of F2 and F3. 

F2-revised, no gums, or rice : still a no go. At this point we're ditching F2. Every $100 I spend on that is $100 I don't spend on you, so F2 isn't going forward. This one both boys said was good pizza. We were able to do thin, thick, and baguettes with it.

F3 - revised, no gums, has rice: This one didn't 'look' as good as F1 but it was really indistinguishable if you closed your eyes and used only your mouth. Both boys said they'd be disappointed if they ordered it (until they ate it).

Patrick ALSO worked at home on 3 other formulas (none of which we want to proceed with yet), AND one formula using our Artisan Blend (no gums or rice, whole grain color), which we will call F4

I am really anxious to get this test run going, because - if you haven't noticed already - we are in a time of hyper inflation. My ingredients went up 50% overnight this week, and I expect more price hikes, so time is ticking to get this out in bulk to as many of you as possible.


1) gums (may cc with corn)_- deal breaker or doesn't matter?

2) rice - deal breaker or doesn't matter?

3) Artisan color (can be tan to slightly greyish brown) - color a deal breaker or doesn't matter?

4) I can send F1, F3, F4 (or any combination). The more samples I send, the less people I can send to (and the less per person). So help me triage this. Vote A/B/C in order (make sure you put the formula name next to the letter)  with A being the one you most want to test, B second, and C the one you least want to test. Feel free to leave out anything that isn't of interest to you.

Once I gather the responses I will act to get the formulas priced and the samples done up.

My current lead time is 6 weeks on production, and again time is ticking on costs, so please respond before 4/10 for your response to be considered.


Update #3 Highs (and Lows)
March 17, 2022
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Hey all! When we last left off Patrick had sent F1 and F3 to Aunt Dani\'s.  Here\'s the latest:

F1 was.... slightly different than expected. As is often the case, there were small differences in the sugar and salt (grind, type), between our home ingredients and the supplier ingredients, which meant we needed to slightly reformulate to get the same result.

F3 was.... all wrong. I mean, it tasted acceptable, but the texture was all wrong - more like a cracker, and it neither puffed in the oven, nor \'chewed\' properly. Aunt Dani\'s and I spent several hours on the phone with Patrick. We finally figured out he\'d accidentally mixed extra psyllium into the blend on the day he blended the sample. We were disappointed, but also relieved to have figured the problem out before it got to you. Just in case you want to see what happens when things are not magically delicious, I am attaching a copy of the video text I sent Patrick and Aunt Dani\'s. 

Continuing to Persevere...

With reformulation of F1 necessary, remixing of F2 necessary, and that dratted F3 obsessing us, we needed to order more raw ingredients, so we did, and then sat on our hands for another week.

This weekend and into this week, Patrick felt he\'d perfected F1, verifed/corrected F3, and got F2 to the point where he was willing to test it. All good news.

Patrick did up all three formulas and sent them to Aunt Dani\'s this week. Once it arrives, John, Dani, and I will be in the kitchen, testing the dough, running timing tests for commercial kitchen use, eating a lot of pizza, and verifying which of the 3 blends we will be approving for samples. Assuming any - or all 3 -  are approved, I\'ll get pricing on all of them, and we\'ll go from there. I am very hopeful that you\'ll get good news and samples very soon!

Again thanks for bearing with us.


Update #2: Aunt Dani's is making F1 and F3!
March 1, 2022
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So here\'s the latest :-)

Patrick sent Aunt Danis a triple batch of F1 and F3 to test (we still don\'t like F2 yet), and they will be making up the dough balls - if they can get it done before tomorrow, we\'ll be testing the batches at the cafe and in my home kitchen. I\'m off the grid from Thursday until Sunday, so if the timing is too tight, we\'ll be doing the test next week. If everything goes well, we\'ll be moving on to the pricing and sampling stage!

So excited and blessed to have you on this journey!

Update #1: Formulas are coming together
February 23, 2022
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Hey hey, everyone! Here\'s the latest (and a video)! The potato flour we ordered was delayed, so Patrick and I sat on our hands for 10 days. It finally arrived, and we spent the better part of the weekend working on our formulas. For all 3 formulas, we made the determination that it is better for our customers to add the oil, water, and yeast themselves. This will extend the shelf life and help with potential dietary restrictions for those on yeast free diets. We have been testing with fresh yeast, active dry yeast, and yeast free methods to make sure there is flexibility. F1 - Original with gums - is approved and has been shipped to Aunt Dani\'s for final confirmation. F2 - Artisan with no rice/gums - we didn\'t really like the color, which tended to trend greyish, so you\'ll have to weigh in on whether rice free is super important to you or not, and whether the color would put you off in theory, before we decide to spend a bunch of money making testers. F3 - Contains rice and no gums - is approved and has been shipped to Aunt Dani\'s for final confirmation. Once we get confirmation from Aunt Danis, we will get pricing on the 1-3 formulas - both doing small batch run at our co packing facility and mixing it ourselves to send out. Once I get pricing on raw ingredients vs mixed, Patrick and I will make a decision as to what we will do, and from there, it\'s on to picking testers! I\'m attaching a video of Patrick playing with F3 - contains rice and no gums - you can see it rolls and stretches like a dream. I am so blessed to be on this journey with you all! Naomi


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