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AYC (Aboriginal Youth Conference) is a ministry dedicated to sharing the love and gospel of Jesus Christ to the Aboriginal youth.

Our Misson is to bring God's healing and purpose to First Nations youth, and help them discover their identity and and their purpose in life so that they can impact others in their community.

AYC Camps

The ministry organizes 4 camps a year where various activities and workshops take place. The camps are heavily focused on small groups and worship through which the participants encounter God and inner-healing takes place.

Vision Trip

In the Vision Trip, we take First Nations youth on a trip to South Korea so that they can have an enriching experience both spiritually and culturally.
As the name suggests, the trip’s goal is for the youth to find the vision for their lives.

The youth will visit various historical and industrial sites learning about how South Korea was able to grow rapidly and learning how to apply this to their current culture, community, and environment.

Last year 2 young students went on the Vision Trip and were deeply touched by the experience. In 2018, eight youth joined and were transformed by it.
Next year we would like to send at least 30 First Nations youth on the Vision Trip and for that purpose we need your help. We are rising funds to pay for their flight tickets as the expenses in Korea are covered by partnering churches. We are starting with funds for 10 of the youth.

We are convinced that God can set the First Nations youth free of a cycle of poverty, abuse, and suffering. We believe that these kids can be the leaders of the future and transform their families and communities.
Help us make this Vision a reality!

Maria Veronica Restelli

2018-10-12 15:26:01

Praise God for this ministry, may He multiply.

Update #2 More fundraising opportunities!
October 11, 2018, 3:48 pm

Hello all.
As part of our effor to raise funds for the 2019 Vision Trip Potter's Place Mission has prepared loads of delicious Kimchi and pickled veggies!
Contact us if you are interested!  Contact us by email: vision.trip@pottersplacemission.com
Check them out:

Update #1 Preparing for AYC 4th conference!
October 11, 2018, 3:34 pm

Our fourth AYC conference of 2018 will be during the second week of November.

This camp is for those youth that have shown interest in becoming leaders in their community!

Pray that during those days these young people are touched and transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit so they can be role models in their communities. 
That they can be a support for their peers and influence for the younger generations.

Don't forget to share our campaign!!

God bless

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Can$20 of Can$15,000

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Maria Veronica Restelli

101 day(s), 18 hr 54 min ago

Praise God for this ministry, may He multiply.

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