Salutations to all reading this. I'm Victor Cory Lincecum, and the following is why I want to start this business.

  1.  My first and most important goal is to create a platform where good writers can get compensation for the stories they write. While a great writer can find success, good writers are overshadowed far to easily.
  2. I want Author's Paybook to be a one-stop-shop for writers, readers, and monetization. Currently, the best option writers have now is to post their story on one or multiple sites, then have their monetization on somewhere like Patreon. There's no second option. 
  3. By creating this option, I'll also create a way for writers to bypass becoming dependent on Patreon. If Author's Paybook is successful enough, I'll also look into book publishing so they have options outside of Amazon as well.
  4. My ultimate goal is to use the profits from Author's Paybook to expand into other forms of entertainment media and either overwhelm today's media heads or force them to denounce the debauchery and hedonism they currently defend lest they be overwhelmed.
I've lined up a web developer willing to design Author's Paybook for me, and they've quoted the project at anywhere between 20k to 30k. I'm told I'll need to provide 4k a month in order to get a team working on the project. A family friend working in web design confirmed this to be the expected price range.

Given enough time, I could fund this website entirely on my own, but deep down, I feel like now is the time to act. Somehow, I just know the window of opportunity is open now, but will be closed long before I can muster the funds myself. It's my hope that we'll be on time.