Hey everybody!

My (not-so-little) brother, Austin, recently had his truck stolen. Not only was it stolen, but it was completely scrapped and the thieves took the whole thing apart. It was found in Sun Valley about a week and a half later. 

The people who stole his truck tore it apart and took everything of worth, including over $1500 of baseball equipment, the seats, tailgate, headlights, multiple engine parts, and more. 

Those of you that know Austin know that he is a truly incredible young man and has had such an admirable and godly response to this situation, despite the impact it’s had on his everyday life. He is so mature, responsible and has such a solid foundation of faith despite these unfortunate circumstances. 

We are hoping to raise money for him to buy a new vehicle. He does not know we are arranging this as he would no-doubt decline the help. That’s why he is all the more deserving. Not once throughout this has he victimized himself or asked anything of anybody. He hasn’t even complained. 

If you would like to help, we would appreciate any donations toward getting him back on the road, even if it’s a few dollars. Everything helps. Thank you so much in advance for helping!