Healthcare worker forced to quit job as a COVID Laboratory Scientist because I could not afford childcare for my 16 month old daughter, Zaria, during the pandemic. 

My hardships began before the pandemic, when I became a single mom in 2019. I prayed that God would make a way for me to provide for my child on my own after her father completely abandoned us after I refused to have an abortion because I believe she is a gift from God. Her name comes from the biblical name Azariah, which means God will bring you through the fire. I still believe God will do that for us.

I have been forced to take on debt, break leases, and move across the country to live with my mother all within a matter of months. However, after one month my mother has threatened to drop my cats off at the shelter and kick us out of her home because she is tired of the burden we have placed upon her. I do not know anyone in the state of Utah, I have nowhere to go. I have no savings. I do not make enough money to even afford rent for us, let alone bills and food. 

Please help us. Just to ensure that our rent and bills are paid for the following year while I try to get a better job. I recently began a customer service/technical support job that pays $12/hour. While this is enough to cover food and credit card payments, I will not be able to make it on my own.

My goal is a minimum of 24,000 to ensure that we will be able to afford rent, utilities, car payment, and car insurance. 

Even if you are unable to help, please share this. There are so many of us who need help during this time, I thank you so much if you have chosen to bless me and my daughter. The help we receive here will change our lives. 

Thank you
May God's Favor Be Upon You, Your Family, Your Children, and Their Children,
Atlantys and Zaria

Lord, You have seen my tears and You have heard my cries. While the righteous will receive favor in Your time, the story of Job teaches us it rains on both the just and the unjust. Lord, I have done my best but I cannot do this on my own. Abandoned and alone, I turn to You, for nothing is impossible for You, Lord. Please help us. Please divinely inspire one of your Earthly bound angels to help bring us through the fire.  
On the authority of Jesus Christ,
I pray in desperation, Amen.