Miami-Dade College Ruined Sons Life By Public Fig.

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Seeking Justice for Trayvon, an Aspiring Chef - Whose Dreams Have Been Crushed!!

          Miami-Dade College Negligence Derails Trayvon's Culinary Aspirations & College Education

In the quiet corner of Miami, a young man named Trayvon embarked on a journey of hope, dreams, and resilience. After a long and harrowing battle caring for his ailing mother who was impacted by Mirena-Iud deadly side-effects; plagued with cancer, disease, excessive hypertension, vomiting blood, ulcers, kidney abscesses, and the removal of all her female organs due to the damage caused by the Iud found 6yrs later that attacked her internal organs almost causing her death. Trayvon was finally able to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a world-renowned chef. The culinary world beckoned, and he set his sights on Miami-Dade College, where he hoped to hone his skills and build a brighter future.

With his mother's blessings and dreams in mind, Trayvon left his mother home for college in August of 2022, leaving behind a tumultuous past filled with unexpected hardships. He was determined to follow his culinary passion, envisioning a future where he would own his restaurant or food truck, serving his unique cuisines to the world.

Trayvon decided to register to Miami-Dade College as an out-of-state student in 2022, with the promise of African American grants and financial aid after a year of residency. Fueled by his dreams, he embraced this opportunity with unwavering commitment. He worked tirelessly to make ends meet, even obtaining a Food Handlers Managers License and enrolling in classes, believing that everything would fall into place.

Fast forward to 2023, and Trayvon's world began to unravel. He was informed that he didn't have enough financial aid to cover his classes, and he had to prove residency for a year. To navigate the challenges of out-of-state status, Trayvon was renting multiple rooms while working and attending college in 2022. He held on to the promise of African American scholarships, which he believed would ease his financial burden and allow him to focus on his studies in 2023.

However, the negligence and confusion from Miami-Dade College and the Florida Department of Education derailed Trayvon's dreams. The many college advisors he encountered provided conflicting information and left him in a state of constant uncertainty. In August 2023, just as he was preparing to start his classes, he was hit with the devastating news that he owed $2,000 and had to drop two of his classes. This left him with no classes and his awarded $4,000 of financial aid vanished.

Trayvon felt lost and abandoned by the system, with no financial aid advisor or direct student service advisor to turn to. Housing assistance was non-existent, and he was told he needed to prove his residency, despite attending classes and working in Miami from August 2022 to currently.

Mom I tried to do it on my own! I need your help!

In his frustration and confusion, Trayvon reached out to his mother, who had been a pillar of strength and love throughout his life. She witnessed her son's unwavering dedication to her during her prolonged battle with her multiple illnesses. She knew she had to step in to help her son navigate this bureaucratic maze, and she began asking questions and seeking resolutions from the college's Admissions, Student Services, Financial Aid, and Dean's Office, along with Florida Department Of Education.

The mother and son were determined to find a solution. They were awaiting for meetings with all the above college directors to be scheduled as communicated to his mother by the 'Student Service Dean! Although after many attempts via email, phone calls the call never came. So his mother escalated to other officials who had the power to help. However, their efforts were met with indifference and stonewalling. Even a scholarship meeting was canceled, and Trayvon's status remained out of state, despite his year of residency and having a student Id dating back to 2022.

College Institution Working To Destroy A Young Man's Dreams

As his mother, she couldn't stand by and watch her son's dreams crumble. The sacrifices he had made for her health, his unwavering love and care, all deserved a better ending. Trayvon was on the brink of giving up, disheartened by the lack of support and understanding from the very institution he trusted.

In their pursuit of justice, Trayvon's mother escalated the issue to higher authorities, reaching out to the State of Florida; Admissions Department Of Education and the Inspector General of Education and other relevant officials. Still, no tangible resolution seemed to be in sight not even a ombudsman who was suggested by the Florida Department Of Education who provided his mother with a listing of all the Assistant Deans who worked as Ombudsmen at the institution. After several email attempts no one reached out to Trayvon nor his mother to discuss.

Trayvon desperately wanted to secure stable housing with his scholarship, but the promises he had been given by many of the college advisors turned out to be empty. With no stable place to live, he made a desperate and unwise decision to stay in an abandoned home for a few nights while he transitioned to a new residence. Unfortunately, this decision led to his arrest on a dubious burglary charge, a situation that now demands legal intervention.

College Negligence

As his mother, she was incensed by the college's indifference to Trayvon's education and housing situation.  Many parties involved and were aware destroyed his dreams that were callously discarded. The information provided in 2022 had been riddled with misinformation and contradictions, leading Trayvon to the precipice of despair.

This is where Trayvon and his mother find themselves today, in need of assistance to rectify the injustice that has befallen their family. Trayvon's dreams of becoming a renowned chef has been shattered, and he faces the harsh reality of a felony charge and never being able to attend any college.

A young adults college education is a gateway to a brighter future, and Trayvon's dreams deserves a chance. Any donation, no matter how small, can help pave the path for his redemption. As a mother, she prays for the grace of God to guide them towards a resolution, and with the support of compassionate individuals, they hope to rebuild Trayvon's life and set him on the path towards the future he once dreamed of becoming a 'Chef' and owning his own restaurant and food truck. Your help can make a world of difference in the life of a young man who has shown unwavering love and dedication to his family and his dreams.

Many Blessing To All Who Help With Trayvon's Passionate goal to pursue his dreams; Don't hold him accountable for working towards his dreams after helping bring his mother back to health from Cancer/Disease. 

Please Donate to help us get my son back to pursuing his 'Culinary Dreams' 

Seeking Immediate Legal Assistance For This Young Man Whose Dreams Were Destroyed

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Trayvon The Aspiring Chef Cuisines
November 26, 2023
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Trayvon's Cooking Master Chef Cooking Skills
In the image below, you'll see Trayvon showcasing his culinary talents, honing his cooking skills before embarking on his culinary dream. Trayvon avidly watched every cooking channel, diligently taking notes and mastering the art of preparing gourmet meals. His mother became the primary taste tester as he experimented with making his own sauces and mastering the correct methods for preparing multiple cuisines. He also prepared all medical dietary meals for his mother during her medical trauma recovery. During his first year of college in 2022; Trayvon successfully obtained his Food Handler Management License by passing the test.

Please help Trayvon continue his 'Culinary Journey' as cooking is truly his passion!

Campaign Created By 2018 Prior Political Candidate Candance Camper
November 26, 2023
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Campaign Posted By Public Figure - Prior Political Candidate;

I would like to clarify that this campaign is dedicated to my youngest son and I who are dealing with Negligence, Nepotism, Discrimination, Fraud, and Corruption. As a former 2018 political candidate, 2016 African American Presidential Campaign Coalition Leader, Prior Federally Registered Contractor, Humanitarian Consultant, and Homeless Women's Advocate, and Socio-Economic Researcher, the funds raised will not only address my son's situation but also advocate for positive changes for all American children and parents facing issues of neglect, nepotism, discrimination, and fraud. Your donation contributes to a broader effort to bring about systemic improvements in these areas and many more I plan on exposing. I've been quiet the past several years after dealing with political corruption when I was previously asked by California GOP to run against 'Maxine Waters!' Now it's time as the 'Daughter Of A Vietnam Veteran' to rejoin the fight for our Country and Our American Children. 

Enough is Enough these evil people must be stopped! 

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