Paul Anthony McGowan has been in a "Virtual Gulag, since 1997, when he was set up for an entrapment program,a kiddnapping, theft of his London home and all assets, and declared dead in Daily Mail in 2007 at 49. This was followed by 13+ years of ritual abuse and torture  from the main protagonist, head Rothschild agent since 1997 Yves Carlo William now 61, of Sth Brussels formerly Mayfair.

The kidnapping/stalking/destruction program ran from early 1997 to the 2007 fake symbolic obituary, and then carried on as described below.

The network run by William was multi national, global (inc USA/Russia/Serbia/Isreal/Middle Eastern/Eygyptian/German/UK) and he was exploited for a total of 10 years at that time, howvwer , with continued abuse in extraordinary ways, est 45,000 times, in ongoing years carried out by William, all covered up/obfuscated, and done in a way that was hard to detect by others, McGowan realised he was in a lifelong Totalitarian Virtual Gulag, or "cancel culture" Zersetzung style program designed to completely ruin victims life in every way, and no one could see it being done.

The recent vaccine tyranny, with them clearly being surveillance technology to control/track people came towards the end of McGowans 24 year ordeal, and now aged 63 is battling to bring legal cases on various aspects of this, it currently being futile and life wasting to persue war crimes cases although William was registered as such in two juristictions.

McGowan knows that the LUCID AI/timeshifting/reality mutation tech, litttle known about by others, is also going to be used with tthe vaccines, and learned much much more along the way about the reality of the global communist system being implemented, and that it is genocidal in nature with a variety of criteria attached to victims,

Also that the Rothschilds cabal HAVE actually been "farming" the population  using the tax/banking/stocks/shares/stakeholder capitalist system along with the established  corrupt feudal system from UK Crown for centuries, and that this is going to be a hellscape from which there will be no escape unless drastic global enlightenment takes place about the methodology of these Totalitarian communist criminal parasites, and that a crucial turning point in history has been reached.

Campaign is to bring/fund legal cases on possibly the most extreme vendetta/victimization program ever,  daily/weekly over 24 years, and help other victims, which in due course will most definitely include the majority of the population, who will be  trapped in a surveillance communist hellscape and social credit system unlike anything ever seen before on the planet, and get out real names of some of those involved, though doubtless there will be many more, and in fact only a superpower like USA could actually get to grips with the staggering capabilities of the horrific silent regime which is in place now, also to help finish and publish ground breaking book on the 28 years (total) he has been involved with fanatical Rothschilds cult operatives, with extraordinary revelations, "In Reality You Have No Reality" which in fact is not just McGowans story, it is EVERYONES story.