On 4/22/22 our vibrant Angela Staley suffered a massive heart attack, cardiac arrest, an hour of CPR, 3 stents, and was placed in the Thoracic intensive care unit at IMC. 

She is currently intubated, and just came off the ECMO machine last night. She suffered multiple strokes today (on 4/27/22). She is currently undergoing brain scans to see the impact the strokes, heart attack, and CPR has had on her brain.

Doctor's say she was "the sickest person in the hospital". Even with this news Angela has already experienced many miracles so far and we are expecting, hoping and praying for more to come.

We know that the medical bills will be an enormous hit financially, not only from this week of surgeries and life saving procedures, but for the long road of recovery ahead. This is why we have decided as a family to start this donation page to help. 

Any amount you give to them will go a long way!

If it is easier for you, their Venmo is @Steve-Staley-4 (last 4 of phone is 6607)

Thank you in advance! Your prayers are felt and are working! It is clear that Angela is well-loved!

-The Jenson Family