In January 2021 Amber Ciofani was gang raped when she walked down the hall of her apartment complex to check her mail. Because she's mentally handicapped, her attackers tricked her into thinking that she did something wrong to exploit more sex from her in exchange for keeping the rapes secret from her husband and other tenants. This is how they escaped justice, because she waited so long to report it to police, who seem uninterested in charging her attackers. They bruised her legs and body, sodomized her repeatedly, and used kitchen utensils like egg beaters and knives to rape her. Now, Amber has mental and physical health complications including bleeding from both orifices. Her attackers are still free in town and she's afraid to go out alone anywhere.
As Amber's husband, I'd like to buy a home in a safer area that will be safe for Amber to live in. Hopefully, in a community where there's less people who'd be a threat to someone like her.
Please help me relocate Amber to a town where her attackers are not roaming the streets free and unchecked.
Thank you in advance and may your seed into this mission be blessed 100 fold.