The Problems:

P2P’s focus almost exclusively on BTC and ETH.

This includes:

- Paxful
- LocalBit Coins
- CoinCola
- LocalCoinSwap
- Binance’s P2P
- And Others

Another issue is $3B is lost on unspent gift cards.

This Crowdfunded P2P Exchange will address both of these issues, allowing people to exchange various fiat for various altcoins. People will be able to exchange BTC, LTC, ETH, and various ERC20 tokens in the first round, and will be able to vote on additional coins, over time. They will be able to use various payments, like giftcards, skrill, and other options, similar to the above exchanges.

This will cover the costs to build the exchange, hosting, incorporation, and marketing & operations.

This is a Work In Progress Demo.