I am a Machinist and a welder, and am running for Alaska State senate Because we need to bring back local representation to state government.

They locked down local Alaskan businesses, while allowing their giant corporate contributors to stay open.  

They stop oil and gas production, making us pay more and more to heat our homes and drive to work, and taking away Alaskan jobs. Their solution for us? "Just buy solar panels from China and a $40,000+ electric car."

Like you, I am a family man and a working man. I will always do what's best for us, the families and workers of Alaska. Not China, not billionaires from Europe and the Lower 48, and not whoever comes to my office with a bag of money and the promise of a cushy desk job once I leave office. The families and workers of Alaska will always come first, before anyone else.  I’ll be returning to my district to resume my job once my term is over. 

The role of government is to protect our rights. To limit the power that anyone can have over We, the People, and not to take that power for themselves.

I will always defend individual liberties, advocate for smaller government, and never waver from my principles.