Our Aimee puppy needs hip surgery!

Aimee is a rescue puppy and is only 4 1/2 months. Our family had adopted Aimee back on Dec 30th 2021 from her foster family. The mom was a happy healthy Corgi (mix?) But the father unknown and we don't know the story behind how Aimee and her sisters were conceived. All we knew was Aimee is a Corgi mix. We are thinking some type of husky dog.

Her first vet appt went well, but by the time she was to attend her 2nd vet appt we noticed that she was limping on her hind leg. We got her in early for her 2nd appointment and the doctor took x-rays of Aimees back legs and noticed that both legs weren't sitting properly in her hip sockets. The doctor couldn't diagnose hip dysplasia because she is so young. She sent us home with some meds and instructions to help her and in hopes that she still has some growing time and with help that her hips might correct themselves. Things only went downhill from there.

Aimee was dragging her rear end across the floor instead of getting up on all fours and when she was laying down, you could hear her whimper. I started to look for pet insurance in hopes that we could get some help with her vet bills but unfortunately we can't because they won't cover pre-existing conditions.  The doctor has been very accommodating for us in helping us where she can financially which we are so very greatful for.

Aimee is now on 2 different medications for pain and we are waiting to hear from the specialist and physio doctor on what to do next. The doctor mentioned that there is a possibility of one surgery which is shaving her feamer bone down so it won't grind in her hips or possible total hip replacement on both legs which is very expensive along with physiotherapy.  

We are asking if anyone could kindly help us by donations to help get Aimee back up on her feet as she has quite a long road in front of her. Even a small prayer for her would be greatly appreciated if you can't. This is something that no rescue family would want for their fur babies and a very uncommon situation as we know of. I thank you kindly for taking the time to read our story and we will keep everyone updated. 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts 

The Wing Family