Supporting Bray Family

Campaign Created by: Josue Sanchez

The funds from this campaign will be received by Yvette Bray.

Goal: USD $60,000
Raised: USD $ 415

Tony and Yvette adopted Aiden and Audrey through the foster care system. Both children endured severe trauma during the first few years of their lives. They each have individual struggles and are in need of many types of therapy to help them heal. 

Aiden was diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder and DMDD. After many different types of therapies and much prayer God has lead us to a gospel centered program for him to get all that he needs to process and begin a true path to healing. However, a large portion of that program isn't covered by the insurance and is a monthly out of pocket expense. We are trusting God, Who opened the doors for him to be in the program, to also provide for him to continue with it. It is a year based program. They focus on spiritual, physical, and emotional healing using the Gospel. They do frequent evaluations to access his progress as well.

Please don't feel that financial donations are all we are asking for or the only way to support us. We truly covet your prayers! They are felt and so appreciated! We can't wait to see what God does in this season. Thank you all!!


August 7, 2022
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We have hit the 30 day mark and will be able to call and talk to Aiden this week.


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