Who is Aaron Tanner?

In today's sea of emerging artists, Aaron Tanner is sure to stand out above the rest. His twangy baritone voice, snappy chicken pickin', and honest songwriting make him a triple threat to be reckoned with.   

Aaron was born into a musical family, and by his early teenage years, he was already singing, playing guitar, and writing his music. Throughout his teens and twenties, Aaron played and sang in various family bluegrass and southern Gospel bands. However, in 2019 Aaron decided to start his solo career.

Aaron describes his particular style of music as "Too Country for the Church and too Christian for the bar."

   "I've always felt that my music fell somewhere between the cracks," Aaron says. "I try to write positive music. There's bad enough in this world without me adding to it. I write a lot about God. He's given me everything I have, so I try to give back to Him."

Whether it's a solo acoustic performance or burning the strings off his Telecaster with his band, Aaron pours his heart and soul into every song he writes and every note he sings. With the echoes of tent revivals and Telecasters ringing in his soul, Aaron will have you thinking about where you've been, where you are, and most of all, where you're going, and with musical influences spanning from Waylon Jennings and Merle Haggard to Ricky Skaggs and Randy Travis Aaron is sure to deliver a brand of Country music like no other.

The Purpose of the Fundraiser

In 2022, Aaron released the first single from his upcoming album. Since its initial release, "Ain't Nothing Wrong With Being Right" has constantly risen on the country music charts. God blessed Aaron with the opportunity to support the single's release with an accompanying music video. Completed on a limited budget, the video has been well received. In the spring of 2023, Aaron plans to release his next single. God willing, Aaron would love for the music video to be a total production, and that can only be accomplished with an adequate budget in place to do so. In addition, the finishing funds to complete the studio production of the single and the funds to promote it across both Country and Christian music radio stations across the nation are substantially out of reach for the hard-working and married father of two young daughters. Aaron works full-time at Paul Anderson Youth Home and performs gigs as time permits. His dream, passion, and calling are playing and performing music. Aaron prays for a day in which he can follow his passion as a career and knows he's ultimately on God's timing and not his own. 

The Funds will be Allocated as Follows:

Studio Finishing Funds: $600

Christian & Country Music Radio Promotion: $7,000

Music Video Production (2-Day Shoot): $7,500

Total: $15,100

The message of Aaron's music is a testimony of his faith and commitment to God and Family. The style of Aaron's music is rooted in a traditional country sound and features a strong message of faith, redemption, and love. The combination of style and message allows Aaron's music to cross genres and is his goal in the promotional mission moving forward. 

Prayers are welcomed and appreciated if you cannot financially contribute to Aaron's mission. God is ultimately in control, and being a man of faith, Aaron knows that as factual truth as well as anyone. 

Thank you for your prayers and consideration. 

Official Website: https://aarontannermusic.com

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@aarontanner5880

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aarontannermusic

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2DrUnOyQ2qZ34TnRn8Mhr0?si=WxWZEO2-QTKtpQ1ahOxZAQ