Salutations, my name is Daniel Johnston from New Jersey, I’m a quadriplegic who suffered a spinal cord injury due to a car accident on August 10 of 2002, when myself and an acquaintance of mine were ran off the road.

 We barrel rolled a half a dozen times which ejected me out of the passenger window and the car rolled over my chest. I was skeletally decapitated internally, the C-2 vertebra exploded outward from a compression fracture that allowed my head to stretch my neck and spinal cord to the point that it left me quadriplegic, confined to a wheelchair. I also had a traumatic brain injury, two lacerated lungs and I was in a coma for 30 days. 

The doctors were telling my parents to shut off life support and to prepare themselves but my dad said “Im not giving up on my son”! There were a lot of ups and downs throughout my stay in the hospital, my parents were finally able to get me home a few days before Christmas that year. 

Even after I was home from the hospital things didn’t end.  I have had years of therapy that resulted in a little return of function but about five years after the accident the rods in my neck broke and I need another revision surgery to replace them. Then a couple of years later I had a pressure sore on the back of my leg that I needed a skin graft which was yet another surgery. Only by GOD’s grace am I here today!!!

Insurance does pay for some things but not everything and only periodically, for example they only pay for a wheelchair every five years. 

Any additional or left over funds will be used for ongoing therapy and aids for tasks of daily living. 

Each and every dollar raised is greatly appreciated and will be used efficiently:-)

My special needs trust is the Daniel A. Johnston special needs trust: 

Franklin Bank in Woodstown. 
1179 US Route 40 
Woodstown New Jersey, 08098
                                   . GOD bless!!!