Willy’s Quest for Life

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The funds from this campaign will be received by Willy Speakman .

Goal : USD $20,000
Raised : USD $ 15,950

Willy Speakman, is a Baseball player. 

He’s used to facing down formidable opponents, on and off the field. 

Now he’s facing the greatest challenge of them all. Cancer

2020 was a shocking year, but add a cancer diagnosis, and it became a battle Royale. 

 Willy began undergoing grueling chemo and radiation, which showed some promise, but now, he is facing a reoccurrence of epic proportions. 

What’s a life worth? Priceless, but medical costs are real, and mounting.

New treatment options have been made available, which are very successful, but the cost seems almost unreachable.  

Please join us in helping ease the financial burden of these lifesaving treatments, and show Willy the Love of God in this tangible way.  

Thank you. Forever grateful 


Update #4
June 15, 2022
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Because of your generosity, your prayers and good energy we are on our way to getting my guy put back together ❤️

Remember to keep sharing and donating if you are able to, we have a long road ahead of us for sure 


Last 2 days were looong...lol

Willy gets up for work at 5am then haul ass to be at the healing center at 3pm to start the Mistletoe therapy infusions 🙌🙌

Monday was first day of the infusion.  It is a very slow drip, it takes almost 3 hours. As he was hooked up to the IV, he was also able to hop back onto the HUGO, which helps restore and optimize your body's natural healing system. He also got to use the infrared blanket, which not only keeps you nice and toasty specially when it is like Hades hot outside...lol But it also helps increase circulation, which is one of the priority issues we are trying to fix, the blanket amd the infrared heat are natural pain relief, it helps strengthen your immune system and gives you swamp ass 😅😅 as Willy called it...lol

We left the clinic a little after 6 and of course hit all the traffic. We were exhausted when we got home. There were really no adverse reactions except for maybe him being a little fatigued. 

Tuesday we returned for day 2 (they want you to do these back to back 2 days in a row) it was a mega dose. Besides the infusion he also got an injection of mistletoe into his back. he said that hurt like hell!  After that session he is expected to run a high fever, they are hoping for 102 or higher..so fingers crossed it happens. When the fever occurs it wakes up and activates the immune system so it goes to battle for you. As we were sitting there he also got to use other therapies like the ARRC light bed, numerous research studies show that the light therapy helps in reduction of pain as well as inflammation. It helps with tendinitis, neck pain, carpal tunnel and various other ailments. I believe it is the green light that helps your body produce more melatonin, which as you know is so needed for restful sleep. 

And of course back to his favorite magnesphere, which thru gentle stimulation of the vagus nerve helps all kinds of different issues. The setting that they used today was Cancer patient recovering from chemo, neuropathy.  

I mean they have settings for all kind of things on it...even if you need help boosting your libido...lol 🙃

Once again we didn't get home till super late. I think we are both tired and just mentally spent 😴 

Plan is...if the fever happens, for some people it lasts for upto 6 hours, some have it for 24-36 hours....you don't suppress it, you don't take any meds to break it. You trust your body and let it happen. If there is a need we will go back to the clinic next day for IV nutrients and hydration.  

So that's where we are. I love seeing how excited Willy is to finally get this going. 

We will be going rest of the week to use all the modalities. I am telling you, it really is a full time job to do all of these treatments to get your health back on track. 

Keep sending good vibes and prayers. We need all the positive energy our way.  You can also follow for updates on my Facebook where you can see videos of some of the things we get to do at the wellness center.  


Forever thankful 

Willy & Bogusia 

Update #3
June 8, 2022
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Ok, here is where we are as of today.

Yesterday Willy did cryotherapy, magnasphere chair and the ARCC light bed. Could not do the hyperbaric chamber because Willy was not in a deep state of ketosis, which is needed for it to be effective.  Otherwise you actually make cancer cells grow. So they do have a very specific protocol that they are following and are very cautious. We had absolutely no expectations. Didn't know what would happen.  It was so fun to see all these "machines" that help heal people. If you don't know, since Willy had his chemo and all the radiation, for last 2 years he was suffering from constant electric shocks going thru his body and after last PET SCAN, whatever the fluid is that they inject into your body, the right side of his body went numb. Yep. 

So....it was such an amazing surprise, when he woke up this morning and said that he can feel his fingers and feels like the numbing is less severe 🤯🤯🤯 

Uhm hello!!! That's fricken amazing!!! So needless to say we are definitely sticking to those.  

Earlier today we had an appointment with our practitioner and she has a treatment plan/protocol for the next 4 weeks!!! It is happening ya'll!!! 

These are short term because things will be changing based on the lab work results coming back each month.

What we found out from latest labs is that Willy is a "lucky" host to few different viruses and hidden, stealth infections...which means regardless of what therapy he does, whether it is standard chemo or the functional medicine one, they will not be very successful because his body is trying to heal from those viruses and keeps getting weakened by the chemo or other things. Hmmmm, we really wish that our oncologist would have run these test 🙄 as that seems very important in healing process. 

So our first priority is to help get rid of these viruses and clear out the infections. To accomplish that we are, or Willy is going to be doing high dose mistletoe IVs starting this Friday , YAY! Mistletoe, if you are not familiar, is not just for kissing under at Christmas...lol It is actually the original immunotherapy before anyone knew what immunotherapy even was. It is truly amazing plant that has helped so many people for thousands of years, no joke. 

Over the weekend we want his body to spike a fever, because that will invigorate and wake up his fighter cells.  Basically stir sh*t up in his immune system. The fever might last few hours of few days...hopefully all gone by Monday. 

On Monday, Willy is going to go in and have a detox IV which will start clearing all the junk out of his system. Then Friday Mistletoe again.  In between those we will also be doing all of the modalities like cryotherapy, magnesphere, ARCC light bed, HOCATT sauna and few other fun things.

We are beyond excited. It truly is better than Christmas to finally be able to have these answers, still not all of them but we are so much more knowledgeable about what is going on than a month ago. 

This wouldn't be happening without all of you and your amazing support. I feel like a broken record but we really are forever grateful for all the support. You all mean the world and each one of you has a part in getting my guy healthy again 🥰

I don't think I will be able to sleep with all this excitement. 

Please still share this fundraiser, you never know who will be able to open their heart and wallet and help out. We are definitely not out ofbthe woods and the treatment and protocols will only get more intricate. 


Update #2
June 6, 2022
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Quick update for this week....

First and foremost, THANK YOU  to all of you who are still sharing this fundraiser, thank you for the donations, you have no idea how helpful all this is.  

Sometimes this process seems so slow...seems like we are waiting for the lab results or giving all the blood they need...lol But this stage is the "collect all the data" stage...lol

We are slowly getting some answers as to what is not right inside of his body and what could be causing issues.  It is a slow process but thankful for any answer we can get. 

We have a therapy plan put together, doctors want to be aggressive and throw everything they can at it, however we have to be a little more "laid back" because to go full force is about $4,000 a week for 6 weeks and unfortunately we are not able to do that. Sooo.. we are picking and choosing the modalities, therapies we can do that will be moat helpful.

We are happy to say that this week,  thanks to all of your generosity, Willy gets to start with the hyperbaric oxygen therapy, cryotherapy, magnasphere and the light therapy bed. This will be done on Tuesday and Friday. We are also continuing with all of the supplements and off label meds. On Wednesday we will find out when we can start the IVs and the mistletoe therapy. 

What we were told last week is that the therapies will change most likely monthly, all depending on what the labs show.  What's improving, what still needs help and such.  It is amazing that they spend so much time and effort looking at all these different markers and creating a treatment plan that is specifically for Willy.  

We are praying for all the answers, we are praying to be able to be as aggressive as we possibly can with the treatment. I just want my guy to be healthy and back to living life he deserves.



Update #1
May 20, 2022
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Hey y’all, this is Bogusia, Willy's wife and his spokesperson 🤣

We wanted to say Thank you, however it just doesn't sound like that's enough after all that has been done for us.  Prayers, messages, encouragement and of course the so much needed donations. Future looks much brighter.

I wanted to update everyone so you are in the loop of what's happening. 

Willy qualified for the immunotherapy and is going in for first injection tomorrow morning.  Please say a prayer for him and pray for positive outcome and no side effects with this.  This treatment will be done every 6 weeks, after 3rd session they will do a CT scan to assess the situation. 

Because of everyone's generosity, we were able to do the initial payment for the functional medicine treatment and started on the extensive lab work. In a typical Speakman fashion, it was exciting ...lol. We have an appointment on Tuesday with one of the practitioners at which point we should know exactly what the treatment there is going to be.  It is so exciting to have that glimmer of something positive to look forward to.  

I will update you all after the meeting with the doctor once we have a plan of action. 

Thank you all and keep us in your thoughts and prayers. 

Willy and Bogusia 


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