Expenses related to Jakob Yount's tragic death

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                                                          "Grief fills the room up of my absent child,
                                                          Lies in his 
bed, walks up and down with me,
                                                           Puts on his pretty look, repeats his words,
                                                                Remembers me of his gracious parts,
                                                            Stuffs out his vacant garments with his form." 
                                                                                                 (William Shakespeare)

It is with heavy hearts that we say goodbye to Jakob Yount, just 15 years old, who passed away unexpectedly this week, leaving behind father, Brian, mother, DeAnn, 18-year-old older brother, Ethan, along with a wide extended family. Jakob had a quick wit, was ridiculously good at computers, and had many talents including mathematics, research, and technology. 

When he was young, Jakob enjoyed Nerf gun fights, building Legos, playing outside, and going to the park. He grew up in a house of story-tellers with Ethan taking the lead on movie ideas, often pulling Jakob into dramas which led to wider collaborations with friends and cousins. This love of story and technology morphed into a Minecraft creation-obsession followed by research and building his own computer. When Jakob had an interest, it was a full-fledged dive into researching and discovering as much as possible about the subject. 

Although he suffered from a chronic syndrome that caused exhaustion among other symptoms, Jakob was present at family gatherings - most recently to celebrate his Grandpa's 85th birthday. Jakob had a special place in his heart for animals and babies and showed that tenderness towards his pets, baby cousins, and so many more sweet innocents. 

The Yount family finances were already burdened by Jakob's longstanding illness, and the added costs associated with burial are placing them in real financial need. Please give generously as a way to show your love and support for this hurting family. One hundred percent of the proceeds from this page go directly to the Yount Family to help with funeral and related expenses during this time of grief. 

Since Jakob died at home, the family is prayerfully coming to the realization that the pain of continuing to live in that house may be too much to bear. With that in mind, any funds raised beyond what is required to cover direct funeral expenses would be dedicated to repairs needed in preparation to sell the family home.

We thank you in advance for your generous and selfless contribution of behalf of the Yount Family.  

The visitation is next Thursday, March 1, from 4-7 pm, at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Union, MO.

The funeral will be at 10 am, Friday, March 2, at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Union, MO.

                              “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.” Psalm 116:15


Jakob Yount Eulogy
February 26, 2018
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Eulogy for Jakob Yount
Eulogy, a good word, is not designed to paper over that death is an enemy of our race, that death is anti human and antiGod. It is rather, a part of what is true today. Jakob’s life, while too short, was full of good things.
In a most intimate process…..16 years ago….. Jakob was knit together by God in his mother’s womb, a wonderful bearer of the image of God. This was manifest throughout his young life in marvelous ways.
Jakob was soon honored by God through his baptism into the community of those who believe that Jesus Christ, his life, death, and resurrection is the key to understanding our human existence.
DeAnn’s first memories of Jakob are how much he snuggled and ate. And he loved rocking in a rocking chair. Brian would come home from work and rock Jakob. Ethan would jump up and down on the bed and tell Brian about his day while Jakob snuggled into his Daddy. 
One rule in the Yount house is you try new foods. You have a choice to keep eating or not, but the food that is made is the choice you have. At three years old, Jakob wasn’t wild about this rule. Ethan asked to go to Old Country Buffet for his birthday. While DeAnn was holding Jakob on her hip she explained to him he could pick from all the different foods and pointed out some that she knew he liked. At that point she heard a hushed whisper in her ear, “Choices!”
Brian and DeAnn can’t say enough about how good of a brother Ethan has been to Jakob. Early on when Jakob was a toddler and getting into something he shouldn’t, Ethan would run to DeAnn yelling, “Jakob alert, Jakob alert!” Jakob would go anywhere with his brother and would hold on to Ethan’s arm leaning into him if things were new and unsure. Ethan never complained about this. They loved making movies together learning how to use special effects and being very silly together. The fights were so minimal that DeAnn would be surprised if they ever punched each other.
Jakob was bright-eyed and filled with energy and would run EVERYWHERE! He loved music and would insist that DeAnn sing him to sleep or play music for him until he went to sleep.
He went to Theater Kids every summer which is a performing arts VBS at Junia’s church. He liked the dancing and the singing but not the acting. The first summer he went he was about 6 and when he realized at the end of the week he would have to get on the stage in front of everyone he looked up at DeAnn, helping with the class, and stated “I don’t do stages”. By the third summer he did everything but the acting. He won first prize for points the year before sixth grade, something none of us expected out of his shy self.
When he went to Cornerstone Academy in 6th grade he blossomed. He told his mom then, “I wish I had always come here.” When picked him up later after school he was often playing on the playground and a chorus of voices, younger then him would yell “Good-bye Jakob!” He would stop and tell DeAnn each of their names and what grade they were in. Jakob was in the Christmas play and then took the lead role in the Spring play but had many second thoughts about that decision. On their way into the school the night of the play DeAnn mentioned how nice the weather was compared to the Christmas program. He responded, “I wish there was a tornado so I wouldn’t have to do this.” He ended up doing a great job.” 
Jakob was amazingly creative in other ways. In the years he was 8-12 he would save every penny of Christmas and birthday money to buy a particular Lego set he had his eye on. That wasn’t unusual of course, but when he was done building it he would usually take it apart completely, combine it with other sets and make something completely original that was as cool as any set you could buy.
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