On 5/1/2020 I lost my job for not being able to bear face, head and body bindings despite a reasonable accommodation I suggested, and two months of working with optional face coverings which I wore as I saw fit. A torture incident during the Gulf War in 1990-91 left me quite emotionally disabled. I'm fully functional with the exception of not being able to bear torture and binding. After losing my job at Natural Grocers where immunity always ruled before, they set about hounding us (my wife has a compromised immune system and cannot bear compromised respiration either) at the only two locations where they know us well. All other stores in the chain honored our requirements. One year ago on Thanksgiving Eve of 2020 while waiting in line to buy some herbs and veges for the holiday (mind you we shopped there almost exclusively for food due to our health issues for over a decade at least); unbeknownst to us the manager, who we both worked with prior with stellar performance, called the Lakewood police to remove us as unwanted (despite incessant advertising and a clearly stated medical exemption). We were severely attacked by no less than six masked agents the let go with false charges. Internal affairs investigated and found the officers lacking (vet lives matter?). This triggered PTS in me and after two months I wound up back in treatment and actually fared well after one week; this after beseeching them to cease the attacks. THEN the corporation partnered with the county DA and together the have ratcheted up the torture and now we are defending ourselves against a coordinated attack by the corporation, the city, and the county and are at the end of our rope. Please help. This started as a two week voluntary suffocation which I could bear on my terms before MANDATES (ie. Fascist Dictates) and has now become a combined corporate/state.takeover. I work with anti-terrorist operators in SOCOM extensively and I can see what's underway and for this I've been targeted in the corrupt local system. Trials are finally upcoming in December, January, and February. Reminds me of Dark Winter by Anthony Tata. God Bless and thank you. ~ Geronimo and Lil Raven in Colorado... P. S. We win in a thousand thousand small battles. Sine Pari.