August 8, marks 20 years since I stepped off a plane in Miami. I have now lived more of my life as a free woman in America, than I had lived as a slave in my conquered motherland of Iran. Thank you America, for giving me a second chance at life! I will continue fighting for America, for my freedom, and for the liberty that she and my fellow Americans gave me. 

To honor this anniversary, I wish to raise $2,000 for Worldview Weekend Foundation. I’m choosing WVW Foundation to benefit from these donations because: 

  1. Brannon Howse, the founder of WVW, was the first producer to ever allow my life experience to be heard by millions, by featuring me in his documentary, "The Siege" as an expert on the Red-Green Axis cabal. 

  2. Brannon has helped me fight for our freedom by granting me a regular spot on his daily programs to discuss Islamization, which then led to my own daily program on Lindell TV. 

  3. Brannon has never censored my words of truth within the counter-jihad movement.

The Red-Green Axis is the Leftist-Islamist alliance. Their shared agenda is to take down America as we know it. They plan to then build their one-world order on the ashes left behind. They relentlessly attack truth-tellers and any group which exposes their menace. 

Brannon Howse persistently stands up against that threat. Brannon founded Worldview Weekend (WVW) in February 1993 and has been hosting its national radio broadcasts since April 1995. He is the author of 14 books and producer of 2 DocuMovies. As host of Worldview Radio, Brannon is on over 59 stations throughout America daily. Recently, Brannon co-founded Lindell-TV, along with Mike Lindell. Brannon’s long dedication is to expose the evil that infests America. And for that, those forces of evil want to silence him.

As Americans, we all have a duty to continue to fight for our freedoms and liberty. Brannon Howse and his foundation are among our strongest frontline fighters. By supporting Brannon in his daily fight, we can also be highly effective, for our own part.